When_Pigs_Fly, October 10, 2008

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James Taylor is a published author, musician, artist and a retired international business executive from BellSouth International, Unisys Corporation Asia/Pacific and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. He has lived on four continents and traveled to more than 40 countries. James has been interviewing scientist and spiritual leaders for the past 15 years regarding what we know about human energy and what he uncovered is mind expanding and truly phenomenal.

When Pigs Fly

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Andrew Feder

Government & Religion - Good or Evil? Spirituality, Religion, E.T.s & Politics - The Real Truth. You decide!

Today Andrew is the internationally known host of When Pigs Fly. He is also the author of the controversial novel, When The Angels Have Risen and his noteworthy historical fiction novel, The Heretic and latest profound and eye-opening novel, SPIRIT.

When people first see Andrew they are commonly surprised by his lack of aging and youthful appearance. In the other words, they think that he is ten years (sometimes more) younger then his actual age. His response, “Well, we do come out in the daytime...”