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Andrew Feder
Andrew Feder
Las Vegas
Talk Show Host, Film Director, Graphics Artist, Digital Artist, Viticulturist, Enologist, Construction Contractor, Alien Time Traveler, Author

It was on a marvelous sunny spring morning in Hollywood. The birds were chirping and singing when suddenly Andrew Feder with an audacious smile painted on his Asian-Nordic face jumped out of his mother’s womb landing feet first and shouted, “Well…here I am!”

During the course of his youth, Andrew grew up in a typical dysfunctional Jewish family in the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles. After finishing high school he went on to study Political Science and Economics with an English minor at San Diego State University. During a leave from San Diego State, Andrew went to Israel as an exchange student for one year to the University of Haifa. There he lived on a kibbutz where he met his ex-wife. (He has three children from this marriage.) After his return to the United States, Andrew completed his studies at UC Davis in Viticulture and Enology. Having lived several lives in one, Andrew during the eighties emigrated and lived in Israel. At first he lived for a very short period in a Moshav on the West Bank near Jericho. Later he moved to another Moshav in the Zichron Ya’achov area near Haifa. There for six years he was a grape farmer.

In Israel, he studied Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism) under guidance of the renowned holy man known as “The Mo’ah.” During his religious studies, he was quite pious as an observant Jew.

In the late 80’s after returning to the United States, for the next ten years, he was a contractor and owner of a construction company.

Shortly after his return he continued his studies of Kabbalah and metaphysics under the guidance of renowned psychic, mystic and healer, Janeau St. Clair.

In the late nineties, Andrew absolved himself from the construction industry and began a career in the film industry as an Assistant Director. During a very brief hiatus (for a month) when the sets were down in the film industry he drove a cab and a limousine. At the very end of the nineties, he moved to Las Vegas from Los Angeles where for one year, he was (and hates to admit it) a “damn” telemarketer selling long distance while going to art school. And for approximately ten years he was a graphic and digital artist.

Today Andrew is the internationally known host of When Pigs Fly on He is also the author of the controversial novel, When The Angels Have Risen and his noteworthy historical fiction novel, The Heretic and latest profound and eye-opening novel, SPIRIT.

When people first see Andrew they are commonly surprised by his lack of aging and youthful appearance. In the other words, they think that he is ten years (sometimes more) younger then his actual age. His response, “Well, we do come out in the daytime...”

Andrew Feder