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Truth Talk, February 23, 2013

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Truth Talk - February 23, 2013

Truth Talk

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Myron Westmoreland


Telling it like it is, no subject is taboo! If it’s brought to the table, you bet we cover it. No more lies, no more deception! You have a right to know . . . you have a right to live! The point of the show is to share the true message and learn the TRUTH in the process.

I discuss the TRUTH about the WORD of GOD and expose the TRUTH about current political and social issues that impact our world. Guests will be interviewed from all walks of life: ministers, political experts, scholars, professors, local politicians and even US congressmen.

Come join us and share your view. It’s bold . . . it’s informative . . . it’s TRUTH TALK.

Myron Westmoreland

Myron currently resides in Texas and is involved in the ministry. He shares GOD'S message and speaks on social and political issues that others don’t want to talk about.

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