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The True Testament, September 2, 2013

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The True Testament - 2nd Show
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Simon Peter's True Testament, book

The True Testament introduces you to "Simon Peter's True Testament", a book that tells the true story of who Jesus was and what he actually taught, much of which has been distorted or left out of the New Testament. There are shocking revelations, and wonderful, liberating truths. Prepare to be amazed! And relieved! And made free from the false teaching of original sin, and released from the fear of death. The book, "Simon Peter's True Testament", will change your life. It is your second chance to hear the Good News that Jesus brought to the world 2,000 years ago, and it is the truth that will set you free!

The True Testament

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Our mission is to correct the errors that have been made in the story of Jesus as told in the New Testament version. It is time for the world to hear the truth. It truly is the Good News that Jesus brought to the world, and it has the power to set people free – free of fear, and free of entities and organizations that would control them through fear, guilt, and punishment.

Finally, after 2,000 years, the true story of who Jesus really was, and what he really taught has come to light. It may shock you that the truth is so different from what you have always been told. That is why the devil is called the great deceiver, and he has deceived mankind for thousands of years. Now, hear the truth. It rings loud and clear, and the truth will set mankind free.

Listen, learn, and be liberated to live your life joyfully free of the lie of Original Sin and the punishment of an angry God. You are the beloved children of our Father- The Life - and the Life is Victorious!

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