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Tribulation News, February 24, 2013

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Courtesy of BBS Radio

Fritz Springmeier spoke of the Illuminati as the special guest on "Tribulation News" with Dr. Elizabeth Mattke.  He was very informative and helpful for all who are new to the concept, and with how late the hour is for the entire world as we enter the Great Tribulation.

Tribulation News

Tribulation News is all about current events, and how Bible Prophecy is getting fulfilled. This broadcast will also include a Bible study, and it is an online ministry to reach as many people as possible during these end times.

Biography: Dr. Elizabeth Mattke is a devout follower and servant of Jesus. Her desire is to please Him by doing Children's Ministry at a local church in Kansas, and through volunteering to make a difference in the lives of others. She received her Ph.D. from St. Luke Evangelical School of Biblical Studies and an Honorary Doctor of Divinity from the same school. In her lifetime, she has hosted with "Revelation News" at, and she has guested on there as well. This also includes coming on as an invitee with "The Steve Henry Show" to discuss her first book. Since then, she has written and published a second book along with a plethora of articles. She is happily married to her husband Jared since June 2009.

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