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Sun of God University, December 15, 2013

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Sun of God University - show 17
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with The Hosts

Sun of God University with The Hosts - show #17 on BBS Radio

Sun of God University

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At the end of every age there is a messenger to bring light on who is the true God, and how to activate the principles in your life. That messenger is SUN OF GOD UNIVERSITY. We are here to cut through all dogma and confusion of what our creator said, and what he meant. By the way our creator is non other than JESUS THE LORD CHRIST.

SUN OF GOD UNIVERSITY recognizes the divine individual distinction of the SUN OF GOD JESUS from GOD THE FATHER JEHOVAH. One in unity yet separate personalities. Our ultra goal is to worship JESUS LORD CHRIST divine SUN OF GOD. JESUS CHRIST is both creator and savior. All attention to JESUS CHRIST glorifies the FATHER JEHOVAH GOD.


Please write to us at:


P.O. Box 30817

Seattle, WA 98113

~ Jah Jesus Baby!!!

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