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Spiritual Hollywood, September 18, 2007

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Christopher Howard

Christopher Howard is a best-selling author and world renowned speaker whose tools and strategies to accelerate personal achievement have helped thousands of people transform their lives and realize their dreams. But before his dramatic rise to success, Chris Howard was a regular person, struggling to overcome his obstacles and find the life he knew he deserved to live. Less than 15 years ago, he was deeply in debt and living in near poverty conditions.

He began voraciously reading about people like Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch and others. He read at least six biographies per billionaire, trying to figure out how they think and what their belief systems were, and what their driving forces in life were.  Howard has dedicated his life to studying the greatest leaders and business achievers of all time and empowering others with the results of his in-depth research.

A self-made millionaire at age 36, Howard is now living his dream of helping people around the world through his Christopher Howard Trainings while carrying out his own philanthropic adventures on every continent.

“I tell people when they sit in front of me, I’m not going to change your life, and I’m not going to make you motivated. You’re going to do that for yourself,” says Howard. “What I can do is help you shift your thinking to the point where your passion becomes something that’s compelling to do and something that you want to do.”

Howard has grown his enterprise, The Christopher Howard Companies, into a thriving, global success since just 2002. He regularly speaks to thousands of people in locations around the world about leading rich and fulfilling lives.

Spiritual Hollywood

Show Host

The purpose of "Spiritual Hollywood" as well as the book are geared toward bringing consciousness to Hollywood and thereby bringing it to the world. Quality of Life and coming from our highest, best wisdom is Key in everything we do.

BRIEF PERSONAL HISTORY: Kate is a former Actress of 15 years, Talent Agent, and Music Manager (represented Pete Bardens of Camel), Co-Produced a very successful “Music Cares” Fund Raiser for Pete Bardens with Mick Fleetwood, and is a Proud Mom of former child Star Kaylan Romero.

Kate was born on APRIL 27th in Detroit Michigan. With her parents and siblings, Kate lived on an 80-acre farm in Moorhead, Kentucky. After becoming very physically fit from farm life, she applied her strength and unique abilities to things that seemed to come naturally. Kate later achieved awards in Track and Field, Skeet shooting, and presently holds a World title in Arm Wrestling.

Today, Kate enjoys staying fit by way of Pilates and her self created seven minute workout, is an avid hiker, player of Ping Pong, Guitar, Chess, and Billiards in her free time.

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