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Spiritual Hollywood, July 3, 2007

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Joanna Garzilli is a Psychic and Relationship Expert, Writer, International TV Host & Producer. She shares her passion of how to be your own psychic in her upcoming book “UNLEASH THE PSYCHIC IN YOU”, available in The Fall of 2007.

Joanna has given over a thousand readings combined with holistic healing modalities. Some of her clients include celebrities and sports personalities: Goldie Hawn, Jenna Dewan, Tracie Hutton, Laura Harring, Lyndsy Fonseca, Mrs. California, Ernie Banks. Many of them expressed how they wished they had her ability so she created an Interactive Workshop “LIVING IN THE PSYCHIC ZONE” by compiling years of self-education into a few hours. The result, everyone giving and receiving psychic readings! She has had 100% success rate to date. As a respected workshop facilitator and motivational speaker, Joanna’s passion is guiding, inspiring and coaching her clients to a state of self-reliance and to trust their own intuition.

Madame Figaro magazine chose Joanna as “The Psychic to see in Los Angeles”. They published her “Psychic Predictions for 2007”.

Joanna was praised by reporters from Star and People Magazine for her accurate psychic reading. She is often consulted on psychic phenomena by Film & television production companies and has featured on MTV as a psychic several times.

Joanna created “The Soulmates Connection” workshop because many of her clients wanted answers about the nature of relationships and to create strength, balance and peace within. In addition, she authored and released her debut album “SOUL ABUNDANCE” a Quantum Guided Meditation CD inspired by her desire to remove blocks from the unconscious mind in October 2005.

Joanna is at the cutting edge of the healing arts. She created the concept and format for Interactive Psychic TV programming in 2004. She hosted 150 hours of Live TV and produced 250 hours of Healing Arts programming which aired across Europe on Sky TV. Joanna educated thousands of people on numerous psychic subjects, answered questions of a psychic nature Live on Air and guided viewers through powerful meditation techniques. Joanna's fun, grounded and practical approach to psychic topics demystified and removed fears for people who had never experienced a psychic reading. Joanna encouraged skeptics to phone in and voice their views; many changed their perception after speaking with her to a positive outlook. Joanna had the opportunity of an exclusive one-hour TV interview with Neale Donald Walsch, author of “Conversations with God,” during his 24-hour visit to the UK in 2004. He endorsed her show.

Joanna has been recognized as a psychic to professional psychics for over ten years and to people from all walks of life including doctors, nurses, housewives, bankers, writers, government officials, lawyers, producers, actors, publicists, shop assistants, scientists, hair stylists, realtors and more. She creates long lasting relationships with her clients based upon a foundation of integrity, trust and a respect for client confidentiality. Joanna lives with her husband Nick, a dog and two cats in Los Angeles.

Spiritual Hollywood

Show Host

The purpose of "Spiritual Hollywood" as well as the book are geared toward bringing consciousness to Hollywood and thereby bringing it to the world. Quality of Life and coming from our highest, best wisdom is Key in everything we do.

BRIEF PERSONAL HISTORY: Kate is a former Actress of 15 years, Talent Agent, and Music Manager (represented Pete Bardens of Camel), Co-Produced a very successful “Music Cares” Fund Raiser for Pete Bardens with Mick Fleetwood, and is a Proud Mom of former child Star Kaylan Romero.

Kate was born on APRIL 27th in Detroit Michigan. With her parents and siblings, Kate lived on an 80-acre farm in Moorhead, Kentucky. After becoming very physically fit from farm life, she applied her strength and unique abilities to things that seemed to come naturally. Kate later achieved awards in Track and Field, Skeet shooting, and presently holds a World title in Arm Wrestling.

Today, Kate enjoys staying fit by way of Pilates and her self created seven minute workout, is an avid hiker, player of Ping Pong, Guitar, Chess, and Billiards in her free time.

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