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Hollow-Gram Radio Show, March 23, 2014

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With Cheryl Catherine Smith and Ash Riot


Spring is here, and with it comes the renewal of the earth. We are all encouraged by the sweet song birds of regeneration, hoping for new opportunities and fresh excitement for ourselves as well. How do we encompass the dawn of our wings newly spreading? Is there an easier path to inspiration and openness, rather than falling back into our often jagged routines of judgement, sabotage, the habitual mundane, and lethargy? With our eyes newly focused on budding brightness and a clean seasonal slate, let us discuss how to live with the spirit of renewal and regeneration with a flair for peace, enthusiasm, and gratitude.

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Hollow-Gram Radio Show

Hollow-Gram Radio Show with Cheryl Catherine Smith and Ash Riot, banner
Cheryl Catherine Smith and Ash Riot

Hosts Ash Riot and Cheryl Catherine Smith are highly intuitive solo musicians who have come together to form the Hollow-Gram band.

They offer a unique radio show where they share their music, their sharp wit, and their visions for This planet.

"Inspiration is why music exists, this is the key to the heart." Ash Riot

"I am often inspired to add music, lyricism, prose, performance art and photography to further convey personal worldviews in my artistic efforts" Cheryl Catherine Smith
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