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Nancys Metaphysical World and More, March 9, 2008

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Cristina - Channeling - What if you could communicate directly with wisdom incarnate? Here is your opportunity...

Sophia is not just a Goddess, she is "The" Goddess: the divine feminine counterpart to God: equally profound, equally known and unknown, equally mysterious and misunderstood. Sophia is channeled through Kristina M. Keane, who offers to the world a truly modern Goddess! Sophia offers practical, yet profound everyday insights, as well as unique tools to discover and manifest your soul's vision, and your life passions.

Sophia approaches all subject matter with an intense knowingness that transcends spiritual and religious dogma. Sophia's approach is very different than anything else out there. She communicates within a relaxed, yet insightful conversational style, filled with surprise and humor. Her personality may take you by surprise, but it's her personification of wisdom that merits taking a closer look. She may likely test your boundaries, or inspire, uplift, shock, or amuse you.

Come take the opportunity to engage with divine wisdom and experience her enlightenment and unpredictability! Whether you have experienced channeling or not, we guarantee you have never experienced anything like Sophia. This is truly spirituality with a twist!

Kristina has made an agreement with Sophia to help bring her message to the world…

Kristina always knew that she was different, and has always had a profound connection to spirit. It was her driven state-of-mind that facilitated the beginning of her psychic opening. Her quest led her to study many alternative forms of meditation, healing, and psychic phenomenon. Her psychic abilities began to unfold, and mystical experiences became a daily occurrence. She also had many powerful mediumistic experiences in which she could sense beings from the other-side. It was during the summer of 2000, that her psychic opening culminated in her spontaneously channeling the Goddess Sophia. It was this event that truly changed the course of her life.

Since then, Kristina has spent most of her time studying and fine-tuning her intuitive abilities, primarily focusing on trance channeling. Throughout her many years as a professional channel, Kristina has further developed herself to be a channel capable of full expression. She has taken many leaps of faith to be able to allow Sophia to be fully embodied in any environment or setting for several hours at a time. Her extensive training and overall commitment to understanding the complexities of being a channel, has facilitated the development of a very unique, powerful, yet grounded practice.

Nancys Metaphysical World and More

Show Host

Nancy Wallace, author, psychic, intuitive life coach and experienced radio and cable TV host, covers the spiritual fields and much, much more.

Nancy is the owner and founder of Psychic Resources . She has been doing intuitive life coaching for 30 years.  Nancy uses her tarot cards to help interpret the fifty words a second that comes through her during a counseling session, (you can see a sample of Nancy's cards by going to her web-site, you will wonder how she read them, most of the pictures are missing and and they have grooves in the sides from the way she shuffles). The cards displayed on this web site are a few cards from Nancy's deck she has used for 25 years. They show the wear from all of the love that has been demonstrated to her clients. Nancy has established a clientele of hundreds of clients, and probably into the thousands of clients across the United States and Europe.

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