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Nancys Metaphysical World and More, February 3, 2008

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Guest: Lois Hartwick - Channel, Medium and Metaphysical Teacher
Although a sensitive child, little attention was paid to me in this regard, and my life was focused, as most people's were, on some measure of achievement or another.  The intuitive aspects became greatly overshadowed by the mind and by those who surrounded me in life. Constant, however, was a desire to help in some regard and this sense I was here to do something.  There were, moments of intutive breakthroughs, of course, but I was often too busy to take notice for long. In college I spent a year of inner struggle trying to decipher my beliefs about the Universe.  I dimmed internally much I had long held as true and started a path devoid of spiritual exploration.
My first job took me as an administrative assistant into a political world at the State House in Boston, which ended a year later when a curious ad in my hometown newspaper captured my attention. That job, which I accepted, became the first of many in a wonderful long career working in production on feature films.  Two deviations occurred in those earlier years when I returned again into the world of politics. Opportunities abounded in a political arena to help people.  This satisfied an aspect of myself not present in film.  By now I was living in New York City, so the first job was at City Hall for the Mayor's speechwriter.  The second, a few years later, with the Governor's staff.  The latter position was relatively short-lived, unsatisfying and restrictive; I missed a more creative life.  Permanently settled into film this time around, I loved my career, traveling, working with and meeting hundreds of people around the country and a never-ending array of unique experiences and opportunities each day.  I changed categories of positions along the way, ending up in the Directors Guild of America.  Years later, I had no sense my life was to change forever.   It was, while on a film location in Barstow, California,  that a strange rash appeared on the back of my legs, and exhaustion seeped into every pore of my being.
Anyone who has seen Erin Brockovich might know the story of the people depicted in that movie.  They became ill from what was later determined in court as groundwater contamination by PG & E.   Some of the illnesses described in that movie matched mine.  The location was the same, only the film was made years after I became ill with Chronic Fatigure Syndrome.  My film career and my marriage fell away; my health utterly deteriorated with no means of support and friends were gone. A difficult journey for one such as myself who had lost touch with spiritual development in a fast-paced world.  And it took that crisis to dead-end one life to begin to find another.
The inner pathway was not consciously remembered by me. It was through inability to obtain help in ways I had known medically and otherwise, or finding previously open doorways closed, and living life without friends or marriage or work and without health insurance or income, saddled in sickness so encompassing I could no longer walk or think straight,  that took me, finally, to prayer.  And thus began the spiritual aspect of my being long neglected. It would take a book to relate those years,  but at some point, I started listening to answers within my being, exploring my soul and impressions from other lifetimes in my energetic field, calling for healing and attention.  My interest in healing overtook all else, and I explored my inner being, read and studied what I could and guinea-pigged my way through untold modalities and experiments. It seemed I was able to heal others, yet my work was to heal myself.  Through my experiences and higher guidance from Master Hilarion, and an incredibly dedicated acupuncturist, I regained my life and learned to trust enough to help those who then came to me for guidance.
Teachings came through me, and I offered them in different ways over time.  Groups would gather; some ongoing.  New Masters came forth to work with these groups each time I expanded in some manner myself.  At one point when my life was turning around and I was able to work again, I heard a voice in my head unlike any other.  It was female begging for help.  I was greatly upset by this situation, for she would not leave me alone, and I seriously questioned whether I was undergoing a mental illness of some sort.  This young woman was seeking me out because I met her father on a previous movie.  She had crossed over to the other side (unbeknownst to me)and wanted me to contact him.  I was horrified at the idea as I hardly knew her father and resisted contacting him  for months. She persisted; eventually I caved in.  This experience, not detailed here,  was transformative in my life.  At times today, I work with those on the other side, linking them to loved ones for some measure of healing and comfort.  That young gal became the catalyst for this work, but because of dramatic events that played out in my life over years in connection with her, I do not seek out this type of work. Yet, people find me. As a channel, I am clairaudient and clairsentinent  but only occasionally clairvoyant.  It means I go through a process, if fully integrated with the soul beyond, to feeling what they feel.  This is not always easy nor comfortable for me.  In many cases, I have Hilarion be a third party, relaying information from the soul on the other side to him and then to me for someone here.  It's easier that way on me, but often less satisfying to the client.
A major turning point in my life happened many years ago when I sat down to write.  Information came forth which startled me about life in ancient Greece.  The being speaking through me was Euripides.  At the time, I was unable to accept the reality of what I was receiving and went to the library to see if it made any sense.  It did.  Then I had to come to terms with what was going on in myself and what it would mean in my 'outside' world for no one would accept such a thing at the time.  Those intital pages turned into a book in which Euripides spoke about the changes we would be undergoing, that we would lose our way as a people, and that America would mirror the decline of the Golden Age of Greece.  It took two years to complete this book, but for publishers in the 80's, the premise was too challenging.  That book greatly changed my life, my perceptions and understanding
what was ahead for us.
My work today comprises a weekly channeling group, private clients, occasional workshops and writing.   Our group practices a meditation called Anchoring Light which is a sacred geometric format channelled to me by Archangel Gabriel and Master Hilarion 18 years ago.  We've practiced it ever since.  Both of these loving beings are now channelling a book on the topic as well.  Although a most simple technique, it seems more easily understood when practiced in a workshop format. Anchoring Light means we create columns of light which not only provide this higher energy to us increasing our vibration, but to the area in which we reside.  It has the potential to clear negativity and dense energies ever so prevelant now, as well as stabilize a given area where consistently practiced.  For areas undergoing earth changes, it can assist. We are branching now into newer aspects, and will be sending 'satelite' configurations to areas in the world where chaos and disruption is heightened.  In the past, we have worked with, and are still co-creating etheric pyramids of light being utilized in various places around the world as guided, to help harmonize present or future disturbances or imbalance.  Our work will need to be expanded to the many lightworkers in the world ready to carry on this effort for greater healing, harmonization, stabilizaton, clearing and  balance of our planet in the times ahead.
Our weekly group consists of practices and information from Thoth.  He has  been working with us since 1999, and prior to that St. Germain for many years.  We are growing and learning to hold more light, while integrating techniques for better balance as our world changes energetically.  Thoth is consistent in his efforts to provide us tools toward greater consciousness and adaptability and regeneration as our vibrations increase.  At times, I send one of his messages, or those of Sananda's regarding holding more light to my email list. This list grew out of Sananda's request to send his infrequent messages to a larger audience, which has grown from certain publications, such as Sedona Journal and online zines over time.  And, finally,  I have clients I see in person or work with either in person, by telephone or email for individual, private sessions.  Normally, I work with Master Hilarion at these times, but certain clients have specific guides they work with regularly.  Often I am able to work with those requests as well.

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