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Nancys Metaphysical World and More, December 16, 2007

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Guest: Tina Bartocci - Psychic - Hi! My name is Tina Bartocci.  I bought my first book of astrology and tarot deck as a young teen and have had a passion for it ever since.  I truly believe in the magic of these 78 cards; they have helped to shed light and guide me on my life's path.  After hundreds of books, tarot decks, lectures, and classes, I had found my calling.  It is my goal to help every client to seek their own life's path.

In addition to reading the tarot, I am certified in Reiki and study the metaphysical attributes of crystals and stones.  I incorporate tuning forks (producing the sound of ohm), Reiki and the use of crystal/stone interpretation in my readings.

Life has it's ups and downs, but I feel blessed.  I've been married 19 years and have two wonderful children.  I thank my angels, guides, god and universe for providing me with an infinite amount of compassion, love, energy and wisdom to help me do what I love to do.

Nancys Metaphysical World and More

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Nancy Wallace, author, psychic, intuitive life coach and experienced radio and cable TV host, covers the spiritual fields and much, much more.

Nancy is the owner and founder of Psychic Resources . She has been doing intuitive life coaching for 30 years.  Nancy uses her tarot cards to help interpret the fifty words a second that comes through her during a counseling session, (you can see a sample of Nancy's cards by going to her web-site, you will wonder how she read them, most of the pictures are missing and and they have grooves in the sides from the way she shuffles). The cards displayed on this web site are a few cards from Nancy's deck she has used for 25 years. They show the wear from all of the love that has been demonstrated to her clients. Nancy has established a clientele of hundreds of clients, and probably into the thousands of clients across the United States and Europe.

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