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Miracles Happen, June 23, 2008

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The Reverend Doctor Terry Cole-Whittaker

The Reverend
Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker
June 23, 2008
Miracles Happen: Dreams Do Come True

My lifes work is to serve as a scout who ventures out from the family and community in search of the the ultimate that is possible for we humans to attain and bring this knowledge back to the family and community for their welfare and benefit. No need to reinvent the wheel as this knowledge of what is possible for us and how to attain it has existed in the books and teachings of the ancient ones. When known and applied this knowledge solves all human and global problems and offers each of us the fulfillment of our hearts desires.

You do not need to give up anything, but simply have a change of heart, a shift in consciousness. This is the path of supreme pleasure of the soul. You will start manifesting and receiving what you desire as listen to this powerful, life enhancing knowledge on our CDs, read our books and attend our seminars, classes, and retreats.

At 17 years of age Terry was given the gift of a teacher who shared with her the knowledge that would open up Terrys mind to her unlimited possibilities and give her many of the tools to achieve them. Between that time and now, Terry, by using what she had learned from this teacher and other teachers has accomplished everything she desired and much more than she had known was even possible. The spiritual benefits she has gained are far beyond the material benefits because each step on our lifes path leads to the next if we are willing to continue until we attain what we have been seeking in our heart of hearts. It is at this point that we are fully alive and celebrating the joy.

Miracles Happen

Show Host

Each week, Iris and her guests empower, encourage, affirm, acknowledge and remind us of who we really are, providing tools and processes to fulfill our destiny victoriously and joyously. “Miracles Happen! Dreams Do Come True” is under the guidance and direction of our beloved I AM presence, the Seven Mighty Elohim, the Ascended Masters, and the Legions of Light, and is given with fervent and heartfelt wishes that all of your dreams come true and are 1000 times more wonderful that you ever dreamed possible!

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