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Know the Name Know the Answers, June 13, 2019

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Know the Name Know the Answers
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with Sharón Lynn Wyeth and guest Zofiarennea Morales

Know the Name Know the Answers with Sharón Lynn Wyeth and guest Zofiarennea Morales

Guest, Zofiarennea Morales

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Zofiarennea Morales
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Kabbalah numerologist, Transformation specialist
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Zofiarennea Morales

Kabbalah numerologist, Transformation specialist

Things have felt “OFF” for so long and there comes a time when your mind, body, and soul call and say, “Really?? When are you going to fix this?? We’re TIRED.”
That’s where you are.
And that’s what I do.

Let go of the disease and the human condition that anchors you so tightly to an existence that feels too small and too painful for you.
Through Conscious Enlyghtment, I help you align all those misplaced parts of you with spiritual power tools of Conscious Enlyghtment that weave you back together in ways that feel good, natural, and that are effective in reconciling all the whozits and whatzits that make you feel like you walked in from another dimension sometimes.

Know the Name Know the Answers

Show Host

How much do you think you can learn about someone from their name? Not their handwriting, but just their name?

If you’re Sharón Lynn Wyeth, founder of Neimology® Science, you can tell their past experience, their future health concerns, their unique personality traits, their strengths, challenges and even their purpose in life. She can tell instantly how a person really thinks, feels and behaves—regardless of what they tell you!

That’s because Neimology® is the science that discovers personality secrets hidden in the placement of the letters within names. Each letter in a name holds a key to unlock one’s true essence. A person’s name contains information about that individual’s gifts and challenges. Neimology® Science can even reveal the first and last impression people remember about us.

That’s why companies around the world hire Wyeth to evaluate job candidates! And she does it without ever meeting them! She also helps lawyers choose their juries and how to present their cases, as well as individuals know their purpose and life plan. Neimology® Science also can compare two names and state what can improve the relationship. Many people call Sharón prior to naming their children, or even dating someone!

Wyeth created Neimology® Science after 15 years of research done while an educator and principal of a high school, followed by three years of testing her theories in more than 70 countries, including Russia, India and China. Over the next 37 years, she continued refining the skill, which is why it is so accurate today. 

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