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Julie Meer Psychic Medium, June 4, 2008

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The Alaskan Express, Julie Meer, Ph.D., is blowing in every Wednesday night on bbs. Her wit, wisdom, and special guest line up will have you talking!   The June line up includes the notorious "FairyGuide Mother". FGM is a sage card reader who is a household name in the Anchorage Metaphysical Circles. With many years and much wisdom under her belt, she is a reader you'll want to get to know. You are welcome to call in for a short read from Psychic Medium Julie Meer, or to ask questions of her guests. You'll want to tune in just to listen. This show is by far the freshest breath of cold air from the Great Land! Don't miss out, dress warm, bring your bear spray, and tune in for an hour of outlandish metaphysical fun, frivolity, and spot on reads!  All guests are available for private consults after the show.  Brought to you by Stars of Alaska, and the Alaska Body, Mind, Spirit Foundation. Teaching tomorrows readers, today!

Julie Meer Psychic Medium

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Dr. Julie Meer

Julie Meer, Ph.D. Motivational inspirational speaker, teacher, and seminar facilitator.

Julie has worked for many years in the area of grief support, group facilitation, and public relations. Her ability to support and encourage have earned her a prominent position in the healing community.

She holds a Ph.D. in Religious Studies and is an ordained non denominational minister specializing in commitment ceremonies, dedications, and marriages.

Julie is also active in the hospice community as a volunteer.

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