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Infinite Love Radio, August 22, 2008

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Glenn Francis is a spiritual teacher in the human domain. This is the outcome of a whole lifetime living around the greatest enlightened teachers, such as Osho, deeply exploring numerous healing traditions, amongst them shamanic bodywork and depth psychotherapy, and passionate engagement in the questions "How can we really and truly heal?" and "How is authentic maturity attained?" It is also the invitation to transmutation, a jump beyond "transformation."

In a busy private practice coaching people struggling with eating disorders and as a successful and widely-praised meditation teacher, Glenn clearly felt the lack of connectedness between the transcendent possibilities of spirituality - and the profoundly agonizing psychological and emotional suffering many people experience. Now, his work in the practice of Emotional Body Enlightenment, or EBE, offers this paradigmatically new possibility: that the attainment of emotional maturity in the human domain is the opening of a doorway to both sagely at-oneness and saintly surrender to the grace of maker. Emotional body Enlightenment begins from the premise that we are primarily emotional beings: from this flows a host of radical possibilities of healing that human beings have always dreamt about - and have never in any significant way been able to manifest. Glenn website is at:

Infinite Love Radio

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Welcome to Infinite Love Radio where the reality of Oneness Is in the present moment as we connect one to another and another and to another until we are all One.

We are all One as we attune ourselves in the moment with the knowing that we are all sparks of the Divine in form as me as you as all.

In this Radio program you shall experience the Oneness with a realization that we are all here to experience and go forth multiplying our learning's in our lives.

As we live in the moment of truth whatever that truth is for you we learn that it just Is. Without any judgments of the words spoken, we realize that inside all of us is the truth of our being, our True selves yearning to be Loved as we open ourselves to be vulnerable and authentic.

I invite all the listeners to listen with the inner knowing that we are all One as we unite here on the air. We are called to be aware of our own perceptions and interpretations of what IS.

Each individual is learning and moving on with what is. Let us allow ourselves to be okay with what is said and take in whatever has shown up in our lives as the presence of the Divine and the light of the Universe showing itself and revealing itself as me, you and all.

It is my hope that you sit with what you have read so far and open up your sweet hearts to the calling of your Soul as you have United with Infinite Love Right Here Right Now, you are all that Is for we are all One.

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