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Illumination from the Councils of Light, December 28, 2010

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Courtesy of BBS Radio

Seminar: Relationships in the New Age

Solara An-Ra teaches and channels on:

  • How to transform an existing relationship into a higher vibration
  • How to attract the perfect partner to yourself
  • Tantra: the way forward in the Age of Light 

Illumination from the Councils of Light

Show Host

Illumination From The Councils of Light

Solara An-Ra brings the high vibration, humorous energy of her Pleiadian, Sirian & Andromedan Guides to you live! There is no 'focus' for each show as her guides always bring through what is appropriate for those listening at that time. There will always be time for questions and answers, which will sometimes be answered by Solara An-Ra, and sometimes by her guides.

These great way-showers are combining their gifts in the true spirit of the Age of Light, where all leaders and people move out of competition and into Unity Consciousness!

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