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Higher Truth Radio Show, December 1, 2014

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Higher Truth Radio Show
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with Michael Bee

Higher Truth Radio with Michael Bee - Episode #13 on BBS Radio

I am your host Michael Bee of Higher Truth Radio broadcasting live in the beautiful city of Dallas Texas knocking out the New World Order, one libtard at a time!

Tonight on Higher Truth Radio

The truth about the Mike Brown case – a dose of reality

Black businesses destroyed, brown’s rap sheet and more

Two attacks on the family unit - this could be you!

What the founding fathers said about immigration.

Thanksgiving according to Michael Bee!

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Higher Truth Radio Show

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Michael Bee

Truth Seeking Constitutional Libertarian awakening the world to global tyranny and right of people to achieve Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Higher Truth Radio is in your face radio and not for the weak of heart.

Knocking out the NWO one libtard at a time!

Red Pill or the Blue Pill. Independent Radio for Independents The most dangerous politician is the uneducated voter. Healthy Debate is welcomed!

You will never look at your government, your family or your friends the same again.

Join me in seeking the Higher Truth together on Higher Truth radio.

NOTE: Psychics, spiritual teachers and healers are welcome to call into my show!

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