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Debs the Horoscope Lady, April 11, 2007

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Debs the Horoscope Lady - April 11, 2007

Debs the Horoscope Lady

Debs The Horoscope Lady with Deborah Dillard, banner
Show Host
Deborah Dillard

"The Sidereal Astrology Perspective"

Deborah DillardDebs discusses career, family, relationship, planetary and world events using sidereal astrology. Her guests include other leading sidereal astrologers and the occasional celebrity who has found sidereal astrology useful.

Call Debs during the show with questions on career, family and relationship topics. She needs your birth date, time and place to provide the most accurate answers. If you are asking about someone else, have as much of their birth information as possible. You can e-mail and hear your answers on air. Include your birth date, time and place. Put BBS Radio in the subject line (so our office angel, Mary, knows which show or publication you listen to or read.) Each week the number of email questions answered will depend on volume and relevancy.

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