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Connecting Spirit Together, January 20, 2009

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Connecting Spirit Together - January 20, 2009

Connecting Spirit Together

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Mercedez Lucky

Connecting Spirit Together and engage in the mystery. "Helping People Help Themselves" I'm Mercedez Lucky and I'm proud to say that TEAM CST is here by no coincidence. One Sunday afternoon the show idea came to me and in just three short weeks it was on air! Each week the show features a guest that has the same philosophy that the show is based on "Helping People Help Themselves".

The show focuses on learning from our life lessons. Even the ones we don't like; and finding the gifts in life's up's and down's. I believe in order to help sometimes it takes a "Team Effort" and that's what the TEAM in TEAM CST stands for. With support it's easier to honor whatever feeling's are coming up and use some easy tools to move us to our natural state.

We deal with issues such as verbal and physical abuse, alcoholism and addiction's... mental health and wellness and loneliness and depression. I have personally walked these paths and being a survivor of many things I feel a "Strong" need to bring you, the audience, the awareness that I have found from many people and source's so that you will maybe find that "path to health and wellness" in a much shorter time than I did.

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