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The Bella Dangelo Show, June 6, 2016

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The Bella Dangelo Show
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with Bella Dangelo and Eric Olsen and guests AJ Kern, Rollie Neve, Dennis Davis

The Bella Dangelo Show with Bella Dangelo and Eric Olsen and guests AJ Kern, Rollie Neve, Dennis Davis

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The Bella Dangelo Show

From the love of crude oil that is, transplanted to Minneapolis MN. Irradiating stupidity, teaching critical thinking and encouraging confidence. Here to entertain, with all that I can do to make you forget the Mickey Mouse madness... then getting you thinking. Proving one person can make a difference, asking you to go out and MAKE A DIFFERENCE... WE ARE POWER IN NUMBERS TO FIGHT TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK FROM THE FAR REACHING LAWLESS MACHINE... THE GOVERNMENT, THE ESTABLISHMENT. FIGHT BABY FIGHT WE HAVE TO GET IT RIGHT IN NOVEMBER 2016

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