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Astrology Awareness, May 16, 2010

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May 16, 2010

Carmen and Sukie will start taking calls at the top of the hour.  Each caller will receive about 15 minutes live for consultation.  Please have a few specific questions about your natal chart, compatibility, astrology in general or specific life questions ready. 

Carmen and her co-host Sukie will discuss astrology and answer live callers questions!

Callers are welcome to call in as long as they contact Carmen "in advance" to the show air date via email with their birth information and show date they would like to call in on. 

Carmen will use your natal chart to give you insights and answer specific questions that you might have about astrology and your own personality.  The Natal Chart is the "Map of the Soul" and shows your "inclinations, tendencies and urges".

Astrology Awareness

Listen in as Carmen discusses a variety of different astrological topics and invites other helping professionals as guests to share the wisdom of astrology, counseling, and healing. This show will focus on practical ways to incorporate astrology into your life.

After becoming a licensed clinical social worker and working with individuals and families in many different capacities, I realized that something was missing. I wanted to use the spiritual tools and gifts that I had and that I knew would help individuals heal themselves without years of psychotherapy or medication. I wanted to broaden my training and skills in many different disciplines to enable myself to truly counsel my clients using the mind-body-spirit connection. My main mission is to bring astrology into the helping professions and increase its acceptance in the mental health field as a educational tool.

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