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Advanced Living, 10/04/2010

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April 10, 2010: Tap into your true inner potential by refocusing the mind & body. Each of us has known athletes and others from many walks of life with incredible potential and ability who sabotage themselves and self-destruct because of poor mental and emotional attitudes and behaviors.

Likewise, others with seemingly average and ordinary talents and gifts have risen to unbelievable levels of success, less because of knowledge or skill than inner qualities such as desire, commitment, focus and inspiration.

The ability to thrive and excel ultimately is in the Mind of the beholder. To this end, we come to know it is the arena of thoughts, emotions and beliefs which precede anything, athletic or otherwise, that each of us can or cannot do.

Advanced Living

Show Host

Devotion to People, Community and Service are his motivation & passion. Nurturing loving are his favorite games. His mission is to find and share whatever is needed to joyously reunite all with their Source.

His top priority is to "seek first the Kingdom..." Bubbles, his Chief Spiritual Officer, is there initially to remind him that reconnecting to the child-like essence is both lots of fun, and it is also reputed to be a key to entering the "Kingdom" or making a deep, fulfilling Spiritual connection. Bubbles represents the precious, joyous, exuberant, expressive, loving child-like nature Kenneth believes is within us all.

Throughout his life he has gotten consistent feedback about his communication skills that can be summarized as: "You have a way with words." His eclectic background chronicled below has served to refine and broaden his interpersonal, communication and coaching skills. His quest is to create a set of comprehensive, yet easy to use programs and tools to support individuals to meet challenges in their daily lives and careers, while maximizing their personal potential, productivity and pleasure.