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                 PEACEFUL PARENTING & MORE


Do you yearn to have a peaceful and happy household?  Do you truly want to create a calm, serene environment for your family?   It is possible!!  Making a decision that you deeply and profoundly want a peaceful home is the beginning. 

Once you state your intention the Universe supports your decision and brings resources to you to make that happen. You may be led to the perfect book or someone may say something that is just what you needed to hear.  Such happenings are what I have come to call LIFE CHANGING MOMENTS!  They can come at any time, and truly change the course of one’s life! 

Learning to trust in the Universe can be a remarkable new adventure.  Perhaps this will be a program for the future.  Although today I will touch on the subject. 

One of the components of PEACEFUL PARENTING is to reflect on the way in which you were brought up.  Understanding what traits and parenting ways we have unconsciously adopted from our parents is important.  With conscious awareness and mindfulness, this can be explored. 

Sometimes, we automatically act or react in our role as a parent as our parent/s acted toward us. Sometimes, this is very positive. Other times it may not be so positive. In bringing attention to your behavior, and becoming a “watchful observer” you can see if there is something you wish to shift or not. 

You may even ask yourself, “Who’s VOICE is coming through me right now?”  It might be a way your Mother spoke or acted toward you! It might be a voice your Father used with you!

During this program you will be invited to write out a Declaration Statement as to what kind of environment you want to create for yourself and your family.  Becoming rooted in the home you want to create, will truly set things in place to create such a place.