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As I observe life and living, I see that people care for their bodies in many different ways. Some think that MORE is better…more exercise, more ordeals, more sleep. Others think that less is better; less food, less sleep, less exercise.  Some understand that their body actually can talk to them; give them signals as to what is working and what is not working.  Pain is one way the body lets us know that something isn’t right. 

When a person begins listening to the body and really hears it “talking”, then the refinement begins. At some point, I do believe that many wake up and understand that their lifestyle plays an important part in the way their body is responding.  Research shows that the body does usually like routine. Having a regular sleep pattern, regular times for meals and spiritual practice, allows the body to get into a pattern.  And yet at times, some do things to soothe the pain of life, numbing one’s self and don’t think of the consequences.    

The lessons that I’ve had to learn about my body did not always come easy. I’ve had numerous back and knee issues as well as digestive problems.  Once, I found myself so depleted that I couldn’t walk 10 feet nor did I have the conscious awareness to know what I should juice nor the strength to actually juice some vegetables for myself.  And over the years, I’ve lost 75 pounds from over diligence and enjoying sweet things too much.  The lessons have been hard but the learnings from those lessons have been tremendous. In the process I’ve found “teachings” that have been life changing!  For me, Ayurveda Practices and Qi Gong have been tremendous gifts.  Both have become a way of life for me and support me in mind, body, spirit and Soul. So, I will share about these but also invite you to reflect and feel into what is right for YOU!   We each of our own unique path to health and wellness.   

Last week-end I attended a Qi Gong conference online.  Afterwards, I was rewriting my vision and mission statements and realized that I have a deep passion for bringing the wisdom of the ages to listeners. Sometimes, that wisdom is deep and profound and other times the wisdom is so simple.  From my experience I see so many people going on an adventure into “never never land” looking for the answer, the “secret” solution to their health issues and never consider the most obvious solutions for health and wellness.   

It makes sense to me that what we put into our body and how we treat it makes a difference.  We must look at the basics of health before we go searching.  As we move into the Aquarian Age, and the energies of LIGHT continue to increase, we must be truly responsible for all that we do if we want to live aligned with Mother Gaia and the forces of Nature.  There are principles about living rightly, that are built into Planet Earth and we must be aligned with them or suffer the consequences. 

What is right for my body may be totally different than what is the highest and best for YOUR body. Thus, we each must listen to our body to make the best choices right for us. Small internal and external refinements are the key.  So, let's go back to some basic principles which underlie the embodiment of health. By using such principles you can experiment and explore on your journey to finding what is right for YOU and YOUR body and refine your practice as you go along.   You don’t have to be “perfect”.  A little effort can set you on a whole new path.  In Spring Forest Qi Gong, they have a saying: “Good, Better, Best!” I feel such an attitude is so empowering. 

I’ll share some LIFE CHANGING MOMENTS I’ve had on my journey as I continue on this path of living and learning.  My intention for this program is that the Basic Principles I share as well as my experiences with inspire and empower YOU on your journey of embodying health and wellness.