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Today, more than ever before, I believe looking at our life and truly becoming the “CCEO” of our life is essential!


Have you noticed how every person looks at life a little differently?  I’ve noticed this more than ever these last few years.   I think it is safe to say that there are no two people who see life AND how to live it the same.  Therefore, if you want YOUR life to be YOUR life, aligned with YOUR values, YOU must be in charge!  YOU must become the “CCEO” of your life. 

Although the term “CEO” actually refers to one who is the “Chief Executive Officer” of a business, I like it referring also to the CCEO “Creative Chief Executive Officer” of a business or one’s life.  Creativity plays such an important part in being uniquely one’s own self.

In today’s world when one declares that s/he is the CEO of their life, the impact that makes is huge!  This means that that person will not be looking outside of himself/herself for others to lead the way.  S/he will be looking inside, to see what her next move will be. In addition, s/he will not be sitting back and allowing choices to be made for her by others saying, “It is for your own good”!  S/he will know she is free and able to make her life exactly what s/he envisions for it. 

In addition, s/he is wise enough to also know that there are others on the planet that may have an expertise that she can benefit from, so her discernment is keen and she is open to the wisdom of others.  S/he also knows that s/he has access to the Divine and that whatever needs to be known at any one time, will be known. 

During this program Sharon will share some LIFE CHANGING MOMENTS she experienced while on this path, along the lines of: discernment, discipline, disconnection, disloyalty, disobedience, decisions, designing and dedication!    

Living a purposeful life and one aligned with YOUR unique values, calls for some tough choices to be made.  And yet in the end, you can look back and say you were true to yourself and in the process, became the CCEO of Your Life!