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This week I was reflecting on the moments in my life which could be called LIFE CHANGING MOMENTS.  At first there just seemed to be a handful, but after further reflection, I realized that there were many more than I first realized.  Some decisions that could be called “little ones” actually do end up  changing the direction of one’s life.   

Each of us becomes accustomed to the way we live life and frequently don’t really honor our journey or the amazing Life Changing Moments that came our way and carved our road forward.  I hope this program invites you to honor your LIFE CHANGING MOMENTS too.   

I invite you to ponder such moments that have been part of your life.  Honor your awareness to see them.  Respect the decisions you made.  And appreciate your very unique journey.  Every decision we make makes a difference. 

I once heard that St. Germain, the Ascended Master of the Aquarian Age, said that he only reached his level of attainment after making hundreds of thousands of “right” decisions, throughout his many life times.  When I heard that I was in awe.  No wonder he was asked to serve as the hierarch of the Aquarian Age by Sanat Kumara and Jesus.

Thus, our momentum, too, is built by many right decisions again and again.   

During this program, Sharon will share a few experiences from her life’s journey which were LIFE CHANGING MOMENTS for her.    

Please connect with Sharon here at or through her website, if you’d like to share one such moment with her from your life experience.