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TITLE: Times of Transition and Transformation. 

In this program, Times of Transition and Transformation, I'll talk about what the title of this show, LIFE CHANGING MOMENTS, is all about and the significance of such moments, awaiting us all if only we have the ears to ear, the eyes to see and the heart to feel them when they arise!  

Also, I want to touch on the bigger picture of why we are experiencing so much chaos in today's world.  Loss, illness, death, depression and instability are not uncommon for many at this time.  And at the same time, the Mother Earth is in the midst of a huge energetic "up-grade" that we also need to recognize in order to comprehend the fullness of these times.  Some of the practices that at one time only monks in monasteries were privy to, today can truly shift the quality of life greatly if one is open to such possibilities!   

When I learned about these universal cycles years ago, I was in AWE to see the order and purposefulness on the universe. And so today, if we can begin to comprehend the bigger picture and be open to new ways of being, I believe we can better understand today's world and then learn to navigate our way in the midst of disorder. 

A segment called "Our Children” will be a regular part of this programming. As a mother, elementary teacher, piano teacher and former director of children's programming at numerous metaphysical churches, children have always been a huge part of my life.   Our children are so precious!  They are the future of our world!  Children live very much in the NOW!  When we live there too, we can share the JOY of many Life Changing Moments with them. 

I invite you to tune in and hopefully become excited about experiencing more LIFE CHANGING MOMENTS in your daily life!