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pMad single “Horror” of which there are two versions and they will be released on the 5th June 2022, of which the proceeds of sales on Bandcamp will be donated to an Environmental charity, yet to be chosen.


The new single from pMadagain self-released & is accompanied by the visual evidence of what the human race is capable of and will end in evitable Horror.


‘Horror’ – The time for hiding behind the sofa as we try to conceal the Horror created by the human race is over.

Action is required now before our inevitable self-destruction!!


pMad’s follow up single to ‘Broken’ is ‘Horror’, it is pMad’s take on the world and the future in front of us. Like the future of the planet ‘Horror’ is dark & brooding with the hint of possible hope!

And like our planets chances, there are two versions of events!

Which path will you take?


‘pMad has managed to bring the music of the future to the present day’ – Edgar Allan Poets


Sonic intensity…the brightness at the end of a tunnel; the light of dawn creeping through a rugged landscape’ –




Paul Dillon is an Irish solo artist from Portumna, Co. Galway named pMad.


During the pandemic Paul in collaboration with Zedakube Recording (Ireland), Protonaut Studio(Germany) & Elith Mastering Labs (Mexico) & without ever being in the same room together created 'Broken' and his album which is due for release later in 2022.


Paul has played with bands such as 'Starve the Barber' & 'The Suicidal Dufflecoats' & is currently a member of 'The Greeting' & pMad.

Now on his 4th single release to date, pMad is now known worldwide and garnered a fantastic reputation in a short space of time. 


‘Horror’ the new single from pMad where he has moved from the introspection of his previous releases to now concentrate on the human race and the race to save our planet.


We are moving at ’40 years and hour’ towards our self-destruction – we need to do something now to stop the ‘Horror’ right in front of our eyes!