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Guest Name
Geraldine Mair
Guest Occupation
author and therapist
Guest Biography

After 25 years in the same career within the food retail industry our guest today decided to take her life in a very different direction, and a desire to give back and help people became her driving force. Almost 13 years ago she began her personal development journey to upgrade her mindset and her skillset, learning to release the mental and emotional conditioning that was holding her back …  

Geraldine Mair is a doting mum of 27 years and loving wife of 33 years, and now a bestselling author of books on self-help, perspective, awareness and personal development, along with ‘How To’ reference manuals.

She has authored 4 published books, including an Amazon No 1 Best Seller, and as a successful businesswoman has run her own companies in the wellness industry. 

As a freelance writer she has published articles in the Far East, Africa and the UK, and as a sought-after speaker she has delivered key-note speeches and been a guest on many podcasts in the USA and UK 

Retrained as a fully qualified complementary therapist, she holds diplomas in counselling and psychology and has offered talking therapies to clients over many years helping them to overcome personal challenges…