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Triin Uustalu
Triin Uustalu
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Guest Occupation
Robotics teacher, is the creator behind Magpie Mill Jewelry
Guest Biography

It is difficult to describe who Triin Uustalu is. She has worked as a professional programmer but has also dedicated her life to learning to know the real world, human soul and little things in life. Her inner child has been her life-long companion, urging her to explore new and exciting themes. Inspired by it, she has learned glass cutting, growing watermelons, smelting and forging iron smelting, weaving on the loom, the dialect of doves, woodworking, ice-skating (something she disliked as a child), horseback riding, silversmithing, welding and more. She also built a small treehouse (her children applauded to that), a brick stove, made furniture, many lamps, and other wonderous things. She discovered that there is much more to all of these adventures than just technical aspects, so she has written several manuscripts about them.

Triin lives with her children in a small village in Estonia, works as a robotics teacher, is the creator behind Magpie Mill Jewelry and writes about discovering the world.

Photo by: Ingrit Toomtalu