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Guest Name
Nicolette Halladay
Guest Occupation
Founder of Inspired Hearts Publishing
Guest Biography

Nicolette Halladay is the founder of Inspired Hearts Publishing - an independently owned pubpishing house focused on multi-author book collaborations, created to share the unconventional and heartfelt stories of entrepreneurs. Giving business owners a platform to tell their stories, own their talents, and leverage their personal story to grow their business.

She started her entrepreneurial journey by launching a virtual assistant agency where she learned the fundamentals of onlinebusiness and found her love for publishing through niching down in her business and exclusively supporting other female-owned publishers in the backend of their business until she took the leap to branch out starting her own publishing company.

Nicolette does the work she does because of the time, financial and creative freedom offered in entrepreneurship and her love for this work that pushes her to explore and express total and complete self-expression of the heart and soul for herself and her clients.

Instagram: @lovenikkihalladay