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David Heeren
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Bible scholar David S. Heeren says there is evidence indicating we have entered the early phase of the end of days. Yet he remains optimistic. His latest book on end-time prophecy, End-Time Living: Despite Conflict and Hardship, All Is Well, defines a Christian lifestyle that will produce fulfillment and joy even under the prophesied duress of the end-time. Heeren posits that no matter what believers must endure during the tribulation — and no matter how bad things get — those who stand firm for Him until the end will be blessed.

“This book’s greatest theme by far is love,” Heeren says. “I have been trained as an evangelist, but there can be no greater evangelism tool in the world than the redemptive love Jesus displayed on the cross.”

End-Time Living draws its messaging from the second half of the Bible, featuring details from relevant sermons of Jesus (Matthew 5-7, 24 and Luke 21) and the eight chapters of the beautiful allegory, Song of Songs.

1. According to Jesus, what are some events we can expect to happen during the end-time?

 2. "Betrayal and persecution were mentioned by Jesus. In the beatitudes he said when we are persecuted our heavenly reward is great. How should we respond if and when we experience hardships like these?

3. How can we prepare for whatever may happen to us, good or bad?

4. When confronted by someone we know is not a Christian, what should be our primary prayer and thought? (my answer: How to share the gospel with that person)

5. What are the most important attitudes that can be manifest through us by the Holy Spirit under difficult circumstances? (my answer would include love, faith and forgiveness)

6. There is an important issue that was left undiscussed in End-Time Living. What is it? Ask me about it.

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David S. Heeren is an award-winning journalist and author of 17 books. A personal prayer identical to that of Isaiah (Is. 6:8) led him to change his career emphasis from sports writing to Christian writing in 2007. Since that time, he has published nine books with Christian themes, five of which deal with biblical end-time prophecy. His previous book, The High Sign, which identifies the most likely sign of Jesus’ Second Coming, received a double-four-star (perfect) rating from the Online Book Club — the highest rating awarded by the club.

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