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Weed (Avante Garde, Electronic):

Husband-and-wife tandem Dan and Cristina Handrabur make up what is Weed!

The latest release from Weed contains many nuggets of musical works with ambient singer Cristina Handrabur that lends her beautifully distinctive vocals to songs on 'Visionary Sessions'. Both (Dan and Cristina Handrabur) were both born in Bucharest Romania before each moved to live in Geneva. Dan began playing violin and is classically trained musically while garnering a scholarship to study at the Conservatoire de Geneve at the young age of sixteen (16) years old. Cristina began singing also at an early age in her teens with credits on many albums and placements of her music on many soundtrack CD's. As Weed, they blend ambiance, psychedelia, trip-hop and electronica elements into their own unique musical blend and top it with Dan's great playing styles and with Cristina’s distinctive vocals.

Oddly, Weed have been flying under the radar when it comes to music in mainstream world. People are now fast becoming more familiar with this act, and especially those listeners that are fans of Morcheeba, Lemon Jelly, The Cinematic Orchestra and Jazzanova. Fans of triphop in general and electronica music band will love this new album entitled 'Visionary Sessions.' This latest release does sound like an old formula in a modern era, and those that love music with a modern and sophisticated lounge feel to it, this is an album for you.

Earning a set of Technics DJ'ing at the landmark Club 58, Weed adapted the use of a Korg synthesizer and a Roland beat box. The new reality of composing and producing electronic music along with adding Cristina's soothing vocals, make up quintessential Weed. That overall sound is something that automatically makes the entire album accessible to all listeners. The combination of Dan's playing and Cristina's vocals makes them sound like they did the day they met to collaborate as one. The dreamy vocals and trip hop sound is what carries the band. And, the ability to produce sophisticated beats with flashy chords is what makes that cutting edge overall sound.

There is no doubt that we will hear certain songs be used on TV montages and in advertisements, and the band has already been placed in at least four Soundtrack (Suddenly Naked, Guilty, Free Enterprise & Bruiser) CD's to date. Drawn together by similar tastes in music and artwork, Dan and Cristina fell in love literally, and musically. After Dan moved with his family to Toronto, Canada (shortly after his graduation), a year later, Cristina joined him, and they married each other while they also they collaborated on music in Weed. Having relocated to Canada, they both quickly became known among a new electronic music community and have had great successes in large American cities like Detroit and throughout the entire United Kingdom. Their overall ambient sound is actually described as being more than the Industrial sounds any major populated city is more associated with today.

After the participation of many projects over the years (Outersanctum, Floatpoint, Vuemorph, Mere Mortals, Off And Gone, Weed), the duo has since returned to their native home in Romania to settle in a mountain village, and label head (Rewired Records) Don Lichterman, pleaded with them to allow the company to release this latest CD (Visionary Sessions). (Don) Lichterman says that “seeing them around horse drawn carriages, wooden stoves, secular traditional customs and lots of fresh air, the home of Outersanctum Studios is a goldmine of music and most of all, these guys play so well together; they compliment each others great talents.” (Don) Lichterman also says that “Dan continues to produce albums, tour all over in Europe and hopes to be able to travel to India to learn the techniques of Indian violin playing as well as the sarangi, an ancient, almost rudimentary stringed instrument with a distinctive sound.”

Cristina Handrabur says that “in the last years since we moved from Bucharest, we are enjoying a more natural life, growing our own vegetables and herbs, making our own wine, visiting and discovering new sacred places(where European civilization first started), forest trekking, experimenting and finding inspiration for new artwork.” (Don) Lichterman says that “this overall situation is a great recipe for success and most of all, they need to be heard big time.” He (Don Lichterman) ends by saying that he “will give them (Cristina and Dan Handrabur aka Weed) the most viable chances to be placed and they will have the most viable way to be heard by anyone in the world.”

The 'Visionary Sessions” twelve (12) CD is in stores on march 3rd and the new video of the song, “Truth Love Spirit“ is in all video outlets beginning this week. The full length CD is made up with the following beautiful sound recordings:

1. Visionary Sessions

2. Ace

3. Blessed (Proceed Without Caution)

4. Fields Of Love

5. Aloft

6. Finding My Way

7. Follow Me

8. Make U Feel

9. Omen

10. Path Of Rose Petals

11. Peace Mantra

12. So Hi

13. A Sigh Becomes A Thousand Trees

14. Truth Love Spirit