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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 29 August 2018
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“ Stace started off cracking the club scene as my young Emcee and Dj at 17 yrs old in late 1994-1995 (on the Gold Coasts Surfers Paradises legendary “Tunnel Niteclub” ) “ He actually became employed by us at 16 yrs old as a keen “Street Promo Crew”member who would hand out flyers , and interact with total strangers , coaxing them to attend the venue , and even giving them drink cards , etc” He put in for his storeman Job at Main Beach 6am to 12 pm , then he would work 1 pm til late, handing out flyers for Reggae Night Wednesdays “Club Survival” a weekly event run by myself and the crew” Ironically , Stace started freestyling in the streets acting like it was his club lol, but it worked,we had to move Weds nites to Thursday nites because the clubs budget allowed for more Bar Staff on Thursdays so i didnt have a problem , i saw a young kid who came from the streets and who took the initiative , and forsight to improve sales and door numbers simply by interacting with potential patrons in the way Fred Mississippi Parsons would do, rapping freestyles in such a way no one else was doing locally, and that style came from New York !And it worked for years , Stace took over after Fred , But Stace did it similar but very much his own,. and it worked -DJ RED NTH QLDS MOST WANTED DJ “As a sixteen year old teen i was already working two Jobs and living in a Unit on Chevron Island with my partner “ -Stace The Rapper Names like Silverchair, Human Nature , Peter Andre, Soundgarden, had exploded on the local scene . “I was impressed at a young age by what i would call the most dynamic and explosive time for Gold Coast live Music and Club scene .”-Stace For starters , the likes of Pee Wee Ferris , DJAY, DJ Micheal Andre, DJ Pauly, Dj Red, Dj Teddy,Dj Joe T, DJ Vince DJ Stace , making the way for guys like Stevie Z and BLuffsta . Bluffsta hitt it Big from his Dj Mix Album “Classics” which put him on evey headline card locally for many years . Stevie Z is still the most prolific DJ on the Gold Coast with permanent Spots on Radio Metro , and still heads a fearsome crew of Club Djs and Emcees. All of whom were big name Djs on that scene at that time who made a profound impact on Stace to improve his DJ skills which he credits to watching DJ RED , Jay Rei, and Micheal Andre mix for Hours . Jazz n Blues Then the Live Music scene with the likes of a very young Koi Boys Act performing under the name Chur Bro , were already lighting up the scene with 90s RNB covers soon to be Superstars called “Koi Boys “Today all of which “Stace”has appeared numerous times over the years covering the “Rap”of most popular 90s Hitts. At 18 Stace had formed his own Nite @The Esplanade Nightclub called “Staceys House where he and two others(Porky)and (Waniac) perform and DJ throughout the night with Guest Acts . You also had Grand bands in their Prime like “Kalabash” (Club Survival) “Hoodoo Gurus” “Hunters and collectors”who stacey would come down and help them set up whenever they were in Town(Playroom)and watch and listen to Sound Checks and help the Roadies move gear back and forth from stage. This is where he first heard “Tone Loc” Live and Shaggy . Stace held the Cool Naughty Pain After Party (Brisbane) while he was resident DJ at the Waterloo hotel (working with another ledgendary baller ,Sir Reg (R.I.P), Stace performed at the Concert Battle wheres 20 crews from the region got on and got pipped by a very energetic and masterful performance by Stace ..... And claiming once and for all , by defeating Local Rap Veterans and Heavyweight toungue twisting powerhouse group of the Time “Warcry” (Led by Donovan Rei , Stace was mentored for a few weeks by Warcry at 16 upon invite to see how a studio works “ You also had the live jazz and blues scene which Artists like Sana FaiFai ,Helen G ,Melanie and Taj would croon and wooo crowds with their fabulous voices. The massive explosion to superstardom of local friend “Peter Andre” “It was like nothing i had ever seen or witnessed , all the boys had there own thing going, we all listened to Reggae,Hip Hop , and when Pete got signed to shoot a video in the Bahamas , we were like SERIOUSSS?? YES Yes our boy got on! lol The rest is history .. Stace came to Gold Coast in 1992 as a young Rugby Player for Palm Beach Currumbin High School , and Tugun Seahawks , He played next to players like,Ben Ikin,Darren Lockyer,Irwin and Greame Appo, Tony Carroll, Steve Price , touted for Qld schoolboy training and selection , thankfully he didnt persue that dream. Stace like many upstarts had a friend 2 yrs his elder and teacher of all things Hip Hop, and his name is Fred”Mississippi”Parsons, , from the Bronx,New York (Who imprinted that whole style and perception of Bronx Hip Hop and Rappin on his young padawan) This where Stace preferred MC over DJing , even though Djayin had a massive impact on Stace , Freds New York Freestyles and master of the wandering club MC had stace hooked ..him and fred rocked various niteclubs with Dj Red over a 2 year period , Stace has won 2 Major freestyle battles, One Regional (Brisbane)1996 Cool Naughty Pain Tour ..(Rodney O) National (New Zealand) 2002 (MaiFm Radio Station) 8 mile freestyle champion (2002 - Current) #1 “Tales” after 3 weeks on the Charts Stace The Rappers Track “Tales” Shoots to #1 position for 3 weeks 2007. (Recorded under alias Tapu Sheriff) Whilst sitting at #1 Stace reached out to Tupacs producer “Johnny J” and began a dialogue and creation of Klockwork Downunder , Like the Death Row East initiative... to have East Coast Artists sign to Death Row , Klockwork Downunder was the exact same thing for Aussie./NZ Artists to sign , And it was all planned to go ahead , One Friday , Johnny got picked up on a D.U.I , he decided to serve weekend time instead of paying the fine , which prooved costly, and heartbreaking to all his Fans . . and most certainly myself 2009..2016.. Stace took a hiatus from Recording , But not from Producing and Djayin , Djay for various Clubs between 2007 - 2012 , Perfoming his Last Show in 2012 on the very day he buried his Sister Patrina , Stace remained actively Producing ,Writing, but held off on recording 5 years untill March this year when he began writing “The Last Stand” which is a Free EP available to the Public .