Music Submission, PAROUSIA

Parousia - progressive rock
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For your consideration, here are two new songs from the band PAROUSIA 2019, with musicians Patt Connolly (vocals/keyboards/flute); Garth Huels (acoustic /electric guitar); Robert Lowden (bass guitar/electric guitar); Gerry North Cannizzaro (drums). These four key members of the band last recorded together in 1986 and come together now to present a new set of recordings for airplay on the progressive rock/alternative rock market.

1) “No Songs For Mary” – a dark and intensely moody alt-rock song lamenting the emptiness of living when your loved one has departed this world; lyrics by Gerry Cannizzaro and Patt Connolly, influenced by the John Donne poem. “For Whom The Bell Tolls”.   Link to preview song on Soundcloud:

2) “The Weekday Song” – an upbeat progressive rock song that questions the practicality of loving someone who is unobtainable. This song features the band’s signature heavy guitar vs. rock-flute sound, reminiscent of the best Parousia recordings such as “The Weekend Starts Tonight” from the “Loft” album (1984) ” and “Place Your Bets” from the “Turnaround” E.P. (1987). Link to preview song on Soundcloud: