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Lyric Dubee Come Around Again
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Lyric Dubee

Lyric Dubee is an AWARD WINNING, multi-genre artist from Canada. Proficient and at ease playing ROCK, POP, BLUES, CLASSICAL and JAZZ, his deep appreciation and experimentation with all the genres led Lyric to personalize his own style of music known as REVOLUTION ROCK.

Now at 20, he has already released 4 albums, debuted on the rock and AC music charts, toured internationally (Japan, China, USA) Lyric is endorsed by Ernie Ball MusicMan Guitars and Guitar Center and is part of the Brotherhood of the Guitar.

“Lyric Dubee is a natural born star, he plays guitar like his life depended on it and sings his own songs with the sincerity needed to cut through a lot of today’s manufactured music,” says guitarist, songwriter, record producer and Eurythmics front man Dave Stewart.