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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 7 January 2020
Artist or Band Name
Kwame Hanna
My name is Kwame Hanna and i am the President of 3rd Dimension Media, The Bahamas Now and Heroes Bridge Studios. I'm also a 38 year old rap artist, i started off as a Manager for Whitehouse Music and managed El Padrino and helped him with his first solo project Inauguration Day (i am featured on both of his skits), I had to leave Whitehouse to finish my Degree at Dalhousie University in Halifax Nova Scotia where I began making films, rapping, and managing two artists as I finished my Bachelors degree. I came back home to the Bahamas in  2011 and continued to work for Whitehouse where i worked on myself as an Artist. In 2014 I began 3rd Dimension Media and I also began working with Track Road Theater where i was a stage manager for the play the 39 steps, I acted in Anton Chekov's the Boar, and helped in other areas. I built The Bahamas Now in 2014 and focused on building my businesses, writing films, comics, and attempting to be a social activist. In 2018 I decided to create my first album but it never came to fruition. As I built my films and comics I knew my projects needed their own sound and that is now what i am trying to do. I will be featured on the Heroes Bridge Album called megabīti ye tayitani which roughly translates to; March of the Titans. The Album will feature Alexis Hanna, Aquil Hanna, Def Ninja and other artists. My younger Brother Def Ninja aka Kiron Hanna also makes beats and I will Feature 3 of his beats on the upcoming March of the Titans Album for Heroes Bridge Studios. Most of my beats are made by Zoltan Johnson who has been making waves in the Bahamian Music industry for years.