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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 30 August 2018
Artist or Band Name
Johnny Cosmo and the Rough'n Rude Band
Hello BBS Radio Team,

Here is my Music Submission for one of my Recording Artists signed to my Independent Record Label, Johnny Cosmo and the Rough'n Rude Band from Stuttgart, Germany:

Also, Here is more information about the Band;

1.  Johnny Cosmo - Song Titel; „Kick in the Face (feat. Rough'n Rude)“

Track ISRC: TCACS1648093

Released November 04. 2016

2.  Johnny Cosmo - Song Titel; „Twister

Track ISRC: DEAR41334267

Released September 13, 2013

3.  Johnny Cosmo - Song Titel; „Never Again

Track ISRC: DEAR41334272

Released September 13, 2013

4.  Johnny Cosmo & Rough'n Rude - Song Titel; "Bouncin' Bette"

Track ISRC: QM-EU3-18-01661

Released January 26, 2018

Thanks for your time!

Best Regards


Clarke Jones-RNR Records
Kirchstrasse 23
74706 Osterburken