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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 20 October 2019
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Jaebe raps his heart out in his debut album. It brings out a great deal of the personal side of Jaebe. One can get the glimpse of Over Night through "Another Day" that is already available on the internet on all digital platforms. Jaebe himself believes that through his debut album he has revealed his own hidden side. The track "Atlanta" is one of his favorites. He's showing love to the city and also other artists before him that's from the same city.

Jaebe has put a lot of thought into this album. He has used his brothers who has done real time and who know what they are talking about to bring in a flesh and blood experience into his album, in the song "Dirty Money". "Lit't" brings in a bit of lightier moments to the album which speaks about being turned up in the club. We can go on and on with the stories behind each song.

Johnny "Jaebe" Bolton is an American author, rapper, and song writer. He wrote a poem entitled "Life" that was published through the National Library of Poetry.

Johnny Bolton better known as Jaebe, was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, in the projects of Thomasville Heights, McDonald Heights, and 4 Seasons; places where he would go on to make a name for himself as one of the most prominent Dirty South rappers. During his school years , he attended D.H Stanton Elementary School, Price middle School, and Fulton High School. He has one sister and two brothers, who really pushed him to become the artist we know of as Jaebe. The name "Jaebe" is ancronym that stands for [J]-ust [A]-nother [E]ffort [B]eing [E]lite. Which simply means, being the best that he can be.
Instagram: AtlJaebe
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