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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 12 September 2019
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Gemini Enigma Edward Wainwright
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Gemini Productions in conjunction with Bubbler Sound presents Edward Wainwright, a South Florida musician, first EP release called “Gemini Enigma.” The word ‘enigma’ can be defined as something puzzling, mysterious, or hidden. The “Enigma” EP demonstrates a mysterious musical pop versatility by showcasing a combination of several distinct musical styles that includes: dance, new age, jazz, easy listening and devotional.

“Enigma” opens with “If You Don’t Want Me” best described as an urban fun party track. “All I Want Is” is a great feel good love song. “It’s All About Love” is an euro style romantic love song perfect for the ride home. “Lies” is a light rock song for the ladies. “7” is an emotional jazz instrumental best left for the unfretted drive – keep an eye on that speedometer! “Wisdom” is a devotional song biblically based in a reggae style. “A Rose My Love” is an adult easy listening song that has a sober opening that brings the listener to a new brighter future.

Selections from Enigma are being played on 88.7 FM KAZI , 98.3 FM WHAY,  107.7 FM KNYO, WLMW  (as well as having an on air interview at 90.7 FM WLMW with Richard Girard), WUNH, AM 1100 Atlanta’s Sport and Entertainment Radio Network, NYCS Radio, KZUM, Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, WYE Creek Music (UK), MUZAK (where music is delivered on premise to people throughout the world, including North and South America, Europe, Asia and on Direct TV music channels), xsiteradio, The Tony Radio Rebel, Alexiou Show, TACD Radio Network. WTFE, PharaohShus, The Living Voice, UnderWorldMixRadio, UnsignedRadio, Rdio, Xsite Radio, Indies in Motion with Rick Mizuno, KSSU- Radio, American Musicians Radio, scatterradio, W.G.I.R, Pure Volume, Christian Originals Radio, Last FM, Speaker Radio, Scrub Radio, Song Writer’s Radio, After Work Program, Durham TV and Radio Station, Awesomeradio, Indie Showcase, Tribe of Noise, tweewoo, Frank The Unicorn Show, Jango, Underground Music.FM, Up and Coming Radio, Hello Music, University of California, Ambient Dream, 1FM, Director's Cut Radio Show (broadcasted across the country on 16 different FM, HD, and internet radio stations), Darrah Visions, Platinum Mornings, by DJ Octoon show on UCLA radio, by Richard Kolp on TDS stations, on the playlist and rotation on Soulful Radio Network, on the Soupy Gato Show on SCE Stations, IMRadio, Indie Music Radio, Radio SC, Cheeses Factory Radio, Indie Life Radio, by DJ Scorpia on Unuradio, by Tanner K. Blackart of Radio X Network, on RJA radio, by Mark Lamdanski of Butterflies Radio,  StudioRadio, and by Xander DeLuca on Radio Art in Athens Greece, to name a few.

We currently are working on compiling a long play CD. Please consider taking time to listen this innovated musical compilation. We know that both you and your musical listening audience will enjoy hearing this fresh exciting musical style. Thanks for your time and consideration.