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The Crista Carroll Band

Crista Carroll thought her songs were going to be expressed in classic singer/songwriter style. That was before rock guitarist Brent Brehony expressed an interest in collaborating. Then drummer Aaron Ten Bears with his metal background joined the project and Crista's ideas of what she had envisioned for her songs quickly flew out the window. Along came Eric Harris on bass bringing his distinct melodic integrity and off they went! With Crista's own style of rhyme and unique outlook expressed through her lyrics, the blend of players has become an interesting mix of female fronted rock that is not only thought provoking but fun, moving and appealing to a broad range of audience.
Currently performing shows around southern California and recording new material in the studio, as well as filming upcoming music videos, the band is keeping very busy!
The Crista Carroll Band's songs are available to download on their website as well as on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.
Be sure to visit The Crista Carroll Band on their social media sites!