Mel N Ellen with Ellen Doreen and Melannie Thomas

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Talk Radio Show Program

Mel n Ellen

Mel n' Ellen with Ellen Doreen and Melannie Thomas
Ellen Doreen and Melannie Thomas

Are You Facing Real Problems in Your Life? Your Money? Your Relationship? Your Career? Your Spirituality? Your Health?

I have Real Solutions for you! Get help Now with the Challenges you are facing.

I offer you intuitive insights, spiritual guidance, life-coaching, and psychic clarity.

Practicing My Intuition

As always your information is priceless and you have helped me greatly. I am listening to and practicing using my intuition.

Lots of Love, J.

My work is solution oriented. I use my intuition and experience to guide, counsel, and assist you to find strategies that are suited to you, your life and your situation. You will feel supported and empowered. We will work together to reinforce your spiritual foundation, to move you forward through the challenges you face with confidence and clarity.


Melannie Thomas is an experienced Intuitive Reader born with genuine psychic sensitivity. She has over 25 years of professional experience.

Though comfortable working in a variety of mediums and venues, Melannie prefers using individual signatures and Tarot as her dominant tools for Reading.

Extraordinary Event

Dear Melannie, Thank you so much for making the 50th Birthday celebration an extraordinary event. Everyone really enjoyed your readings!

Many Blessings, D.

Employing her strong intuitive abilities, pragmatic experience and simple faith, Melannie guides people through change with great success.

Melannie Thomas is a down-to-earth, intelligent psychic counselor who sees beyond obvious patterns, giving you valuable insights into the challenges you are facing. With wisdom and compassion Melannie continues to guide and nurture people from all walks of life.

Precious to My Heart

Dear Melannie, You are such a dear spirit! I want you to know how much I appreciate the treatments you offered me. The feeling of being loved and cared for was so precious to my heart. You really helped me through a rough passage. It is a delight to experience first hand the growing movement in consciousness of your work.

Many Blessings, S.

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Talk Show Program Host

Ellen Doreen Loegering
Ellen Doreen Loegering
FL - USA Facebook
Psychic, Teacher, Dowser, Chaplain Emeritus, Metaphysical Modalities Practitioner, Palm Reader, Handwriting Interpreter, Numerologist, Dream Analyzer, Poet, Writer, Speaker

Ellen Doreen is a gifted Psychic and teacher with more than 30 years experience. She is a member in good standing of the American Association of Professional Psychics, the American Dowsing Society as well as being a Chaplain Emeritus from Unity Church of Central Brevard.

Ellen’s spiritual approach and life experiences allow her to help guide people through turbulent life changes with compassion, accuracy and success. Ellen works with individuals, groups, offers workshops, and speaks when invited to share her knowledge or answer questions about her gift. Although Ellen takes her work very seriously, she also appreciates the lighthearted and entertainment aspect of her special kind of work and participates in theme parties and corporate events.


My name, Ellen Doreen, is my given name. It translates from Greek to Light, (Ellen) the gift of God (Doreen). I am also a Leo and have been psychic all of my life. I was born and raised in San Francisco, later moved to the Santa Rosa area in California, and more recently transplanted to Cocoa, Florida, where I love living in Paradise.

This gift seems to run in families; it had been my firm belief that my Father passed this on to me but as I learn more about my family tree, I have discovered there may have also been psychic ties on the maternal side of the family as well. Although being psychic is very acceptable these days, to be psychic during my growing up years was very difficult. When I had “feelings” about people becoming ill or had for-knowledge of events, I was told that “People don’t like that sort of thing,” and not to talk about it.

I also knew without a doubt that our basement was “spirited”. I hated going down there. But I knew that if I ran up the stairs to fast enough and slammed the door to the house I could get away and close out whatever was following me. You can well understand none of these things were popular subjects with my family, and as there were no really good teachers or books on the subject, as there are today, for safety and acceptance I learned to push the gift aside.

As I grew, went to school and became more active in social events I developed a better control over my “understandings.” However, I never stopped being psychic. In fact as I look back on my life I realize how much I really relied on my gift to understand the world around me and to make my way through life.

As Spirit often works, in my late twenties, I was nudged back onto my life path. I was given the book “Dancing In The Light”, by Shirley MacLaine. As I read her book questions began to arise and I needed answers. And as often works, when the student is ready the teacher comes. I was given a deck of Tarot Cards as a birthday present by a very dear friend and teacher. I started reading and learning in earnest and began doing readings for friends and family. It took a long time and repeated confirmations to finally begin to relax and feel comfortable with my gift. As time passed I found that many of the metaphysical modalities are interconnected so I also explored Palmistry, handwriting interpretation, dream analysis, dowsing, numerology, and channeled writing.

Past life readings were fascinating and I found that clients in many ways began to gain more control over their present life situations when they connected to events that had happened before. Helping people became my focus; I grew in confidence and I grew spiritually.

Today, I live and work in Cocoa, Florida. As well as doing readings I teach workshops, do a radio show, and write. I will have a children’s book “Adventures in Rainbow’s End” in CD form released later this year. All of my children’s poems have been converted to songs and that CD should also be released shortly.

Melannie Thomas
Melannie Thomas
CA - USA Facebook
Talk Show Host, Intuitive, Signature Reader, Teacher, Speaker, Facilitator

The first time I became aware of the intensity of my intuitive gift was when I moved away from my hometown. I was twenty-eight years old.

It was around this time that I discovered that I could tell people all kinds of things about their lives by looking at their signatures. This is still true today. Reading Signatures is a big part of my practice. As I began to share my gift with many of the people I met in my new hometown, folks began to seek me out. I would be out to dinner with friends or at the grocery store and people would see my car and come looking for me. They often would have someone in tow that needed guidance through a difficult time or they wanted me to read their signature. I always obliged. Yet even though I was helping people I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I was frightened by the responsibility and by the fact that my private life was being invaded. I shrank back from the gift. I retreated into the mainstream. It didn’t work.

For several years I danced in the ebb and flow of my gift. I returned to school, graduating at age forty-two with undergraduate degrees in Political Science and Psychology. I wanted more. I wanted a PhD and I began to plot a strategy toward that goal. It was not to be.

In 1995, four months before my planned return to academia I fell six feet from a ladder and shattered my right wrist. The anterior ligament was not reattached in the subsequent surgical repair and the ensuing five years became increasingly debilitating. I could do nothing. I could not hold a book or a grandchild. I couldn’t cook, garden, clean house. I could barely bathe myself. Fighting pain was my daily routine. I was brought to a place I call after the fall. I cried, I prayed, I fasted, and I meditated about what to do. The answer was to go to two of the new-age stores in my area and do signature readings for the owners.

That was the beginning of my career as a Professional Intuitive. I continue to have regular sessions at Crystal Channels in Santa Rosa, California. In March 2004, I opened my own office and I have a large nation-wide clientele. I was a regular guest on a local radio show, Rob and Joss in the Morning, Q-105, for four years. I have also been a guest on the Brent Farris morning show on KZST and for a year hosted my own show on KGGV.LP in Guerneville, Ca. I also facilitate groups on various subjects, including dreams and I teach classes in intuitive development. I also host retreats and small workshops.

I now cannot imagine doing anything else. It is very rewarding to be able to use my gift to help people and this work never ceases to amaze me.