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The Political Fix with Heather Vale and Jay Amernick

Professor Adam Winkler, a Constitutional Lawyer and author of GUNFIGHT: The Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms in America, talks in-depth about the history of gun control in the USA and its development to the present day as well as the various perspectives of lawmakers, citizens, lobby groups and governent on the matter.

The War Report on Public Education with Dr. James Avington Miller, Jr. and special guests, Diana Reddy, Betty Olson Jones, Mark Naison, Alice Mercer and Juan Caballero

Shadow Politics with Senator Michael D. Brown and Kathleen Gomez.

The Political Fix with Heather Vale, Jay Amernick and Rick Raddatz

Host Rock Cash interviews a regular returning guest James Fetzer on The People Speak about hoaxes such as Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing, predatory US foreign policy as well as the rift in the 9-11 movement.  James also responds to a variety of questions from out national audience.

Galactic Connection with Alexandra Silby-Meadors and special guests, Kevin Annett - Topics include: slave trafficking, child trafficking, church influence, satanic cults, world events...

New Realities with Alan Steinfeld and special guest Jim Marrs. Topics include: Change in our cultural understanding, who's running the world, How do UFOs factor into the world today, plot to kill Kennedy, War on Freedom, True Structure of Gov't, Government Coverups, World Rulers, Globalists, Globalism, etc...

Higher Truth Radio with Michael Bee - Episode #1 on BBS Radio

Galactic Connection with Alexandra Silby-Meadors and special guests, Steven Meadors and Okalani Jacob