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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 28 April 2021

Insights with Melannie Thomas

Insights with Melannie Thomas
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Melannie Thomas

Insights with Melannie Thomas

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Melannie Thomas
Talk Show Host, Intuitive, Signature Reader, Teacher, Speaker, Facilitator

The first time I became aware of the intensity of my intuitive gift was when I moved away from my hometown. I was twenty-eight years old.

It was around this time that I discovered that I could tell people all kinds of things about their lives by looking at their signatures. This is still true today. Reading Signatures is a big part of my practice. As I began to share my gift with many of the people I met in my new hometown, folks began to seek me out. I would be out to dinner with friends or at the grocery store and people would see my car and come looking for me. They often would have someone in tow that needed guidance through a difficult time or they wanted me to read their signature. I always obliged. Yet even though I was helping people I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I was frightened by the responsibility and by the fact that my private life was being invaded. I shrank back from the gift. I retreated into the mainstream. It didn’t work.

For several years I danced in the ebb and flow of my gift. I returned to school, graduating at age forty-two with undergraduate degrees in Political Science and Psychology. I wanted more. I wanted a PhD and I began to plot a strategy toward that goal. It was not to be.

In 1995, four months before my planned return to academia I fell six feet from a ladder and shattered my right wrist. The anterior ligament was not reattached in the subsequent surgical repair and the ensuing five years became increasingly debilitating. I could do nothing. I could not hold a book or a grandchild. I couldn’t cook, garden, clean house. I could barely bathe myself. Fighting pain was my daily routine. I was brought to a place I call after the fall. I cried, I prayed, I fasted, and I meditated about what to do. The answer was to go to two of the new-age stores in my area and do signature readings for the owners.

That was the beginning of my career as a Professional Intuitive. I continue to have regular sessions at Crystal Channels in Santa Rosa, California. In March 2004, I opened my own office and I have a large nation-wide clientele. I was a regular guest on a local radio show, Rob and Joss in the Morning, Q-105, for four years. I have also been a guest on the Brent Farris morning show on KZST and for a year hosted my own show on KGGV.LP in Guerneville, Ca. I also facilitate groups on various subjects, including dreams and I teach classes in intuitive development. I also host retreats and small workshops.

I now cannot imagine doing anything else. It is very rewarding to be able to use my gift to help people and this work never ceases to amaze me.