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Guest Name
William Binney
William Binney
Guest Occupation
NSA Whistleblower
Guest Biography

William Binney is a former highly placed intelligence official with the United States National Security Agency (NSA) turned whistleblower who resigned on October 31, 2001, after more than 30 years with the agency. He was a high-profile critic of his former employers during the George W. Bush administration, and was the subject of FBI investigations, including a raid on his home in 2007.

Binney has continued to speak out during Barack Obama's presidency about the NSA's data collection policies, and in recent years continues to be interviewed in the media, regarding his experiences and his views on communication intercepts by governmental agencies of American citizens. In a legal case, Binney has testified in a sworn affidavit that the NSA is in deliberate violation of the U.S. Constitution.