Guest, Walter Burien

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Walter Burien
Walter J. Burien, Jr., Tax Specialist, Speaker, Writer and Activist
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Tax Specialist, Speaker, Writer, Activist
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Walter  J. Burien, Jr. - Birth name: Bubien (born at Our Lady of Lords hospital, Camden, NJ October 12, 1955,  is an advocate for government fiscal accountability and budgeting.

'''Early life'''

At the age of five he moved from Camden, NJ with his family to Needham, Massachusetts where a trip to Boston or camping on the Cape was just a short drive away. At the age of nine years old Walter moved with his family to East Brunswick, NJ and in 1974 Walter graduated East Brunswick High School.

'''Military career'''

On August 14 1974, Walter and 83 of his friends from East Brunswick and Spotswood, NJ enlisted in the military. Walter with four others went into the Navy, five went into the Air Force, eight into the Army and the rest into the Marines. Walter went to boot camp at Great Lakes where he won the heavyweight boxing title at the "Smoker" that year. From boot camp Walter completed Machinist Mate A School and went forward to Nuclear Power School in Bainbridge, Maryland. Walter upon arriving at Nuclear Power School found out that he was not qualified to participate. His recruiter entered him into the program even though not qualified for it.

Walter put in for an early discharge from the Navy, and as he awaited the discharge to process, he moved on as a standard MM3c to his first duty ship the DD862 Vogelgesang (a destroyer) and then to his second duty ship the FF1084 McCandless (a Fast Frigate). In 1976 Walter received a congressional appointment to the United States Naval Academy from congressman Frank Tompkins of PA, went through the preliminary testing, was approved for the next starting class at Annapolis but he decided not to go and took an early discharge in 1976.

'''Business career'''

In 1977 Walter worked for XEROX Corp out of the Princeton, New Jersey branch for one year and, in 1978, switched over to working in the commodity markets from New York City with an office at 1 World Trade Center. Walter Burien learned quickly that he had a knack for seeing what was going to happen based on what was happening. This talent can be very profitable in commodity futures trading. Walter found out quickly that he was not good at sales but very good at trading. He and a friend opened a trading account with $1,200 having the intent of generating the money to open up their own commodity trading firm. Well, in a little over three weeks Walter had taken that $1,200 up to a little over $53,000. Walter and his friend Roy pulled $35,000 out of the trading account and started Gabriel Brokerage (named after Arch Angel Gabriel) having an office on the 19th floor of 1 World Trade Center. The first four clients of the firm were other brokers who gave Walter $10,000 each saying "Please trade my account".

Well, Walter did trade their accounts, and made all four of them a 100% profit in their first month and 100% in commissions for himself. Roy was doing a few things illegal per tax shelters Walter did not like and Walter asked Roy to stop. Roy said no, so Walter said to Roy Spiegal: Do you have one dollar ($1), Roy said yes, Walter took the $1 and said to Roy: You now have 100% of the company with payment to me of $1, goodbye. Roy went on to raise 74 million dollars, and got burnt losing most of his money when silver collapsed from $50 to $14 over three weeks in 1980. His federal license was suspended in the USA and he moved to Germany to trade on the US markets and in 1984 he was suspended again from trading on US markets due to options fraud he was involved in.

Walter, after leaving the partnership with Roy in 1978, then started his own company called Anthony's Exchange Inc. that he registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), which he shortened to AEI Commodities in 1979.

Walter Bubien from that point would trade for one to three clients at a time. The best record was accomplished for a Bill Monahan a lumber broker from Portland, Oregon. Walter took over trading Mr. Monahan's account having a balance of $1,600 and in three months fourteen days he brought the account up to $387,000 with over 3,400 commodities futures contracts traded in that account over that time period. The performance here was one of the best in the country for capital appreciation in the shortest period of time.

The Commodity Futures market at the end of the 70's had much fraud taking place. At one point in 1979 Walter Burien was offered to work for a firm located at 100 Wall St. This firm was a boiler room operation that was a criminal enterprise for theft. Walter was told he could use any fictitious name he wanted, he would get 60% of the cash he brought in, and the average weekly take was $15,000 to $40,000. What they were doing was using high pressure sales pitches to sell worthless commodity options for gold, silver, and other commodities where they would play on the marks greed, get the cash, and give in return a worthless but official looking piece of paper stating that the person had an option to buy when nothing backed the option. This was outright fraud. The only reaction / response this had on Walter was that he was motivated to contact Don Hewitt of 60-Minutes and briefed him on these boiler room thieves . Mr. Hewitt then did a 60-Minute segment on commodity boiler room operations of which was the first national exposure of this type of fraud. Walter contacted Mr. Hewitt of 60-Minutes several years later on another topic (A billion dollar International investment swindle operating out of NJ and PA) and motivated him to do another 60-Minute segment "Out of Ghana".

Walter became involved providing an international daily commodity commentary with a group called Radio Data Systems - Market Monitor that gave live market and new quotes worldwide via satellite dish service. In 1981 Walter worked for nine months with Merrill Lynch when they opened their first all commodities office located in Morristown, NJ. Merrill Lynch upper management did not want Bubien to continue giving commentary under his name through Market Monitor, so Walter left Merrill Lynch and continued to work independently under AEI Commodities until 1992 when he dropped his Federal Registration as a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor).

In 1983 Walter Bubien moved to Marco Island, Florida until 1984. During this time he also registered as a CTA under Futures Exchange Corp. along with AEI Commodities.

In 1986 Walter Bubien started a first of its kind market telephone hot-line called Preferred Traders and Brokers (PTB). The service was an interactive hot-line that gave the updated daily commentary of the top twenty-five stock, commodity, and option traders established through open competition. No one could pay to give commentary on the service they could only do so if they maintained the best performance through open competition. What this did is pooled all of the correct thinkers together through one hot-line service. The technical aspects of the service were offered through a new start-off company called Quest Communications founded by Bill VonMiester of Mclean, VA. The new service of PTB was well received. Commodities Magazine in the July 1986 issue did a feature article on PTB. PTB was scheduled to go on Ted Koppel's Nightline but it never happened. Without getting any advance notice from Bill VonMiester, VonMiester declared bankruptcy of Quest Communications and shut down the telecommunications provider to PTB. There was no other telecommunications service that could offer the technical capabilities to facilitate PTB so the hot-line of PTB was discontinued.

'''The crusade begins'''

From 1984 until 1989 Walter Bubien lived in North Hollywood, CA and returned to East Brunswick, NJ in 1989. In 1990, while in NJ, a Governor was elected by the name of Jim Florio on a no new taxes platform. What happened was upon Jim Florio becoming governor, a 2.8 billion dollar tax increase was enacted, the largest one year increase in the state's history. A NJ radio station 101.5 FM with two DJs John and Ken started lighting up the airwaves over this 2.8 billion dollar increase from a governor whose motto to get elected was "No New Taxes". Walter having a background with large numbers, pulled out the NJ State budget report and read on the air the billions of dollars the state was dealing with as shown on their own budget report. The DJs John and Ken from 101.5 FM challenged the listeners to start a group to repeal the tax increase. Walter Bubien and nine others got together and Walter incorporated with the state of NJ a group called Hands Across New Jersey (HANJ).

With the help of John and Ken rabble rousing around the clock, within three months the group had 63,000 volunteers and every county in New Jersey organized. Walter Bubien took over looking at the Budget report, gross income, and identifying the investments held by the state of NJ. It was not too long before he discovered the true accounting book for NJ State Government, a book called the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report). Upon review this report showed that New Jersey state government had three times the gross income that it was showing on its corresponding budget report. Mr. Walter J. Bubien, Jr. upon seeing the NJ CAFR had just learned what he has called ever since: The Biggest Game in Town and he has referred to government ever since as the definition of Organized Crime. When Walter met with governor Jim Florio, when he confronted the governor with the fact that the state was bringing in three times what they were showing to the people of NJ, the governor replied back with: "Yes, I know, I have been trying to do something about that!"

Walter, the day after getting the NJ State CAFR, went to 101.5 and showed it to John and Ken now DJs in Los Angeles, CA saying to them: "Here is the holy Grail" let's hit the air with it!" Well, for the next hour the bottom line numbers in the tens of billions were read off live on the air.. That was the last live interview 101.5 FM did with Walter or for a while with anyone from HANJ. The station came under attack, John and Ken never mentioned the CAFR again, Walter Burien came under attack, all Press articles on HANJ for some period of time stopped. Walter and his friends were threatened and the CAFR was never to be heard about again for the next eight years.

Walter, out of concern of continued reprisal for what he had brought forward, changed one letter of his name from Bubien to Burien and moved to Prescott, Arizona to start a small business, get married, and raise a family. From the end of 1990 until 1994, Walter J. Burien, Jr. stayed off the grid and did fine running a small business.

Then, in 1994 Walter had a press release on a new US Patent #5638433  he had filed that was the first telecommunications router that could bounce calls as data calls through the Internet and could group all subscribers to the service as one account for massive volume discounts on their calls. In doing so he let everyone know where he was. This was a big mistake on his part. Some money as payoffs flowed into some pockets of local officials in Prescott, AZ  through real-estate land / tax-repo property in the Prescott area marked up to equal the payoff amount, paid from NJ (via transfer from Chicago) with the instructions to "xxxx' up Walter's world.. The "xxxx" Walter's world was done  through the local courts and there were eager players from within other government circles to do the job with a little cash changing hands from NJ to AZ masked through these real estate transaction..

From 1994 to 1998, Walter Burien was totally entrenched in trying to protect his new born child Allyson born Dec 6, 1995, business, and future from constant  and pervasive undercurrents of attack and intended negative consequences being intentionally inflicted. Search the site for key words such as "Political Pandering" or "Custodial interference" or "Judicial Misconduct" for further information. In June 1998, Walter Burien had enough of the corrupt and eager politicians, attorneys that slithered through the halls of government, and corrupted law enforcement who were paid well but in many cases were only strong arm forces to the inherently corrupted who gave them their instructions. Walter knew that the majority of problems the nation was facing was due to the money involved that was changing hands and the corruption that unrestrained money flow bred. The CAFR showed that wealth and the reality of the money involved. So on June 4th 1998 Walter Burien went to war, with that war being a national war of disclosure via radio of the CAFR and the hidden wealth structure behind it. The first radio program was with Tom Valentine, Radio Free America and over the next  four months Walter did about 130 other radio shows that reached far and wide across the nation. The national disclosure had begun.

Walter Burien started the web site of whereby he lists some local government CAFRs for download, and has written many articles on the topic and directs viewers to some example surplus reviews of CAFRs completed by Gerald Klatt a retired federal commander of auditing (Deceased July 11th 2004) who was briefed by Mr. Burien in 1999 and shortly thereafter launched his website

Mr. Burien has written many articles about the CAFR and undercurrents therefrom. In January 2000 Walter Burien released on Video VHS a tape entitled The Biggest Game in Town, a video that circulated for viewing across the country in a very short time.

On December 25, 2008, the video The Biggest Game in Town was uploaded to Google Video for the first time and broke all records on Google Video in that class of video getting over 870,000 views in the first five days from release. As of December 2008 the video had been viewed over five million time worldwide.

From June 1998 until June 2009, Walter Burien has worked diligently to inform the people of the CAFR and has completed over 550 radio shows, has had features articles on the front pages of several private publications, such as WorldNet Daily; Spotlight; Media Bypass; Idaho Observer, and has expanded the hits on the Google search engine to where a search for the two basic key words of: Government Wealth will yield 58,000,000 hits with the website being #1 and The video the Biggest Game in Town, being also. The same will result for a Google search of: CAFR, or: Government Investments. The blackout though from the syndicated media, controlled education, and both primary political parties continues and is diligently enforced due to the symbiotic relationship for the use of the massive wealth  / investment capital involved within the structure of the CAFR. They do what they do due to the money and control involved. Nothing more and nothing less..

Collective government in the USA owns and controls more than any of us knew. Collective totals of investment, gross income, and standing wealth local and Federal government secures, holds, and generates each year is substantially greater than the same from the entire private sector in the USA. Or in other words as Mr. Burien puts it: Russia's (communism's) wet dream of the 1940s per control and ownership held by government with a capitalist / fascist twist. The big earth shaker was that two-thirds of government's gross income was from non-tax sources. Collective standing investment totals held "internationally" from all local and federal government entities in the USA as of 1999 of "liquid" investment assets conservatively as of 1999 exceeded 60 trillion dollars and as of 2010 within its continued growth over 100 trillion dollars has been reached. Did the public or most government employees know this? No, they did not. What about most in the financial arena? No also.. They were not intended to have a cognitive thought on this issue and great efforts were exerted by the control structure to maintain an intentional void and vacuum in the thought processes of the general population not to even think about the issue and specific data was spoon fed the viewers creating a limited view as was intended..

In November 2008, Mr. Burien launched another site designed to offer remedy whereby the collective ownership amassed by government would revert back to the direct benefit of the people through the phasing out of all taxation. The site is called - or the TRFA having the registered US Trademark of (Tax Retirement Fund Association) designed to implement the TFR (Tax Retirement Fund) within local venues from across the country through the use of a Four Point Initiative designed to do the job after modification to fit any venue of not lowering but eliminating "all" taxation in this country. Government in its own zeal to take it all over by investment has created the structure necessary to make the TRFs happen tomorrow if the TRF is exerted to happen today. The crusade continues...

Walter Burien since 2002 has primarily lived about fourteen miles outside the city of Saint Johns, AZ by himself and with his faithful pups who are the descendents  (as of 2010 nine pups) of his seventeen year old dog Beasty Beast that can be seen in the picture at the bottom of the CAFR1 front page.

In 1998 Walter filed for a new US Patent for the MAC Cell Phone (Published January 2010, issued 02/07/2012) which has the potential to revolutionize the telecom industry. Possibly even Apple's I-Phone sales and service offered will be dwarfed when and if the MAC Cell phone (US Trademark Pending) is brought forward and reaches the market place. (One device that does it all for every other digital device in the home; office; or out in the field, using "any" technology or "any" service provider worldwide) A utility patent is pending for the invention and issue is expected in 2012-13. Domestic and International manufacturing / service rights can be assigned at this time. Funding / investment to move this invention forward is being sought.

As of 2012 Mr. Burien is looking for a qualified ghost writer to to collaborate in completion of a book entitled:

The Money and motive behind the decades of our masterful entertainment and how a Real Change can make the population the "First-Line-Beneficiary" of the wealth involved.


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* Walter Bubien's US Patent for the BRTF filed in 1993. The first US Patent with the idea of calls over the internet as data calls

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* Walter Bubien's new US Patent for the MAC Cell Phone a device that opens up access to all service providers, all data technologies, and facilitates this for other devices such as your TV, computer, and phone used from your home, office, or out in the field. For more info on the MAC Cell Phone, CLICK HERE

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