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Valerie Heath
Guest Occupation
President and Founder of Heaven and Earth Oasis
Guest Biography


“…military veterans need the most help to heal physically and emotionally”

For 20 years, I worked with military groups such as the Veterans Assistance Network as a sales consultant for computer products and phone equipment. During this time, I became aware that military veterans need the most help to heal physically and emotionally and I was gripped by a determination to do something meaningful for them.

With my background and experience using holistic, non-invasive techniques to heal illness, I founded Heaven & Earth Oasis, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3). The organization is dedicated to healing military personnel by applying an array of established alternative and complementary methods of treatment that work. Many of the methods we employ, such as Reiki, are now successfully incorporated by military organizations to help heal war veterans diagnosed with combat-related illnesses such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

I was diagnosed with a slow-growing pituitary tumor in 2005. Doctors offered two options: try to shrink it with medicine or undergo a dangerous operation. Medications did not shrink the tumor so I researched the best brain surgeons in the country and chose one in Los Angeles. The surgery was successful but not without complications. My lungs collapsed and, similar to symptoms of pneumonia, breathing became very difficult.

I searched and found a professional who could clear the energy in my solar plexus to help me breath comfortably. He was a Reiki Master in Ojai, California who also trained me to use Reiki on myself with excellent results. The inflammation in my solar plexus subsided then disappeared. I was breathing normally and now my lungs are clear.

After undergoing this physical transformation, in 2006 I became a certified Reiki Master. I have since become an energy healer trained and certified in several other therapies (Please see What We Do page).

My business partner, Chantal Benedict, is a professional practitioner in other healing arts (see bio). Over the years, we have helped hundreds of clients transition from a state of pain to recovery. We develop customized protocols that treat a variety of diseases: chronic headaches, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, gall stones even cancers. Alternative therapies prescribed for recovery may include diet and exercise programs and herbal supplements as well.

We have been treating military personnel free of charge with remarkable results not attained by traditional medicine alone. Heaven & Earth Oasis requires funding assistance to continue the work of healing wounded warriors holistically in a gentle, peaceful setting.