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Tony Stephan
Tony Stephan
Guest Occupation
Developed Brain-Nutrient Supplement "EMPowerplus-Q96"
Guest Biography

Breakthrough Brain Health for Optimal Mental Clarity and Mood Management

Tony Stephan has a rare tragedy-to-triumph story about the mental health of loved ones as he developed a brain-nutrient supplement - internationally tested over 15 years - with unprecedented results.

This is a huge boost for one's optimal mental and physical health, especially stress coping as effects anxiety, blood pressure, anger, digestion, skin health, insomnia, brain fog, big mood swings, and afflicted mental health worthy of a "check up from the neck up": depression, bipolar, ADD/ADHD, addiction/OCD, trauma, autism, fibromyalgia, migraines, and many other brain-body conditions.

If you have loved ones suffering from debilitating mental health, Tony's story will give you hope with an opportunity to truly help. Since 1996, Tony's 'brain food' has benefited tens of thousands of people in over sixty countries.