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Tony Brock
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T  O  N  Y

B  R  O  C  K



T   H   E   

B   A   B   Y   S




Tony Brock is one of the world’s most explosive and technically brilliant drummers. As a pro drummer since the age of 15, Tony’s playing credits feature a who’s who of world-class musicians. 

In addition to being a founding member of THE BABYS, Tony has toured and/or recorded with Rod Stewart during Rod’s heyday, Elton John, Jimmy Barnes, Jeff Beck, Bernie Taupin’s Farm Dogs and Roy Orbison to name but a few.

He has worked with such luminary producers such as Don Gehman, Ron Nevison, Keith Olson, Greg Lake and Jimmy Iovine. Tony’s production credits include Jimmy Barnes, Keith Urban and soundtracks from TV shows (Baywatch/Flipper) to movies (Just One of the Guys.) Remixing credits include 311, Korn and Ryan Down in partnership with Paula Jones.

Tony produced the latest BABYS album I’ll Have Some of That in his studio- Silver Dreams Studios, which is also where the band's first video was shot. 

He also makes a killer cup of tea! 

On August 29, 2016, Tony (along with Wally, John and Joey) were interviewed by Paul Nicholls on Platinum Rock Radio. Tony discussed reforming THE BABYS after a 3-decade hiatus. He said: 

“Both of us (Wally & I) wanted another shot at it. So, I said to Wally, 'I'm not gonna do it without ya', cause a lot of people alluded to the fact that Wally and myself were the sound of THE BABYS."


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